Montana CARRY – 8 Kills, 300k Dmg, 3.5k base XP || World of Warships

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  1. Dat friendly fire :’)

  2. One man’s team Absolutely XD

  3. Very nice come back great shot’s

  4. I love montana ! Such a powerfull ship if its pöayed well like in this video

  5. 海妖 有個屁用 ,躲後面不支援隊友。 等遊戲快結束 出來撿屍體,還有沒有人品

  6. lol ,that GNEISENAU take no2 score in T10

  7. Du hast super Intros!!respekt

  8. Risheen Mukherjee

    This is why the USN lines are the best in terms of every class (except the CVs) – they will make you learn the game inside and out. The playstyle is simple – use your fantastic gun angles and dispersion, get close, fire, get rewarded with citadels. Show broadside? You die. This is true even for the Monty and Iowa with the lowered citadels. What fantastic ships! And then we have Yamato – which can negate skill and angling, Kurfurst – which can negate any citadel damage on itself, and of course, the one that takes the cake – Conqueror. All their strengths, none of their weaknesses. It is the antithesis to good battleship design. Screw you Wargaming, once again, for ruining this game for me.
    Btw, excellent match. Good map awareness. I’d suggest taking the accuracy mod and using Adrenaline Rush instead of the reload mod, but great game.

  9. potentielle schaden wäre interessant. aber du musstest ja unbedingt den mauspfeil da hinpacken.
    im interested about your potential damage but youre hoverring this overlay over the number.

  10. Epic! That guy gets an award for some seriously good aiming. I see he is rank one and deserves it.

  11. How to throw match 101 NC fucktard edition. Remaining enemy team did everything with their power to throw match. Such a shame!!!

  12. real hero lovE MONTANA

  13. US battleship AP still has best pen angles, even if Montana is still vastly overshadowed by Kurfurst, Yamato & Conqueror.

  14. The enemy is about to win!… Montana – ” not on my watch ,,, hold my beer ! “

  15. Dude, the mouse is not a dick to keep swing around like a crazy bitch.

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