MONTANA dominates Clanwars with 273K DMG || World of Warships

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saiki_ww – dominates with 273K ||
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  1. FIRST!! Woop!

  2. first comment and first like

  3. The slow turning rifles on the Yamato are a serious drawback.

    • Yep, but his downfall was not angling away while reversing

    • Well maybe people should stop putting in reload mod, ya know? It kinda sucks, and doesn’t promote active gameplay.

    • I think we was trying to angle properly it is just the Montana was already to close and it was a bad idea to let the Montana get that close in the first place. The Yammy might have stood a better chance of survival if he went for the ram instead. This might have forced the Montana to change direction and not aim right at the cit from point blank range.

      The rule for me is never let a BB get into close range of your ship if you are in a Yammy.

  4. He played alright but his opponents played like absolute idiots with clearly no idea how to sail their ships, his performance was decent but his opponents play was just abysmal thereby making his experience incredibly easy.

  5. The Yamato encounter was kind of predictable. I’m pretty impressed at that vaporisation of the cruiser through the angled bow though.

    • T K The Moskva has … idk, 27mm or so bow armour, it can be overmatched by 406mm guns. It is not a battleship.

    • 123 456 True but seeing the angle where he hit him I would’ve expected it to over pen through the bow to the other side not back into the citadel.

  6. The Yamato was DELETED

  7. Minotaur, really?

  8. What did we learn? The Moskva is NOT a battleship.

  9. I was Eager to see the very competitive and intelligent gameplay of opponents.
    I wanted to see how could bb do mind play in competitive..

    Extremely disappointing except for deleting 3 idiot sandwitch

  10. Seems yammy needs a serious cit adjustment to stop being the ugly duck of TX… Every time I see this kind of thing I remember wg saying yammy was going to be the top bb ever… Broken ships and promises all over lol.

    • Did they? They said it would always have the largest guns, and it still has. Not that I think that particular promise is worth keeping if another design provides good gameplay.

  11. Nothing difficult…enemy team committed like retards

  12. obliteration city 7:01

  13. ONI is another good clan in asia server

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