Montana full attack 270K – World of Warships

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Player: o_8eios
Map: Loop

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  1. Holy crap, that beating he took at the beginning tho, and then that DEV
    strike against that Zao, made me gigle
    Good vid m8, but why don,t u put commentary with it?

  2. The Montana needs a little bit of love. Just a little more speed and armor,
    so it can engage and disengage that little bit faster while being able to
    hang a tiny bit longer into the fight agains Kurfürst or Yamato when it
    It just takes too much damage while being so much slower than an Iowa.
    The guns are fine against cruisers and stupid battleship players.

  3. One of very few high tier battleship replays with actual good play, at
    least for the first half. So many of the tier 10 battleship games you post
    are yawn-inducing replays with a yamato thinking they’re a sniper, and the
    getting lucky with dispersion or with braindead cruisers sailing
    The player was smart with his repairs, positioned his ship and turrets
    well, wasn’t afraid to take damage for the team, was patient with his
    salvos, and was awarded with a good result. For the second half of the
    game, his play dropped off as he started hiding and let his cruisers take
    the fire, which I don’t like as much, but overall, good play from an
    experienced player.

  4. guy has stellar aim. learned some new stuff today

  5. Yeah Panzer, where is the commentary. You said a while ago, that you are
    gonna do it soon. when is soon tho ? :)

  6. probably fun to play cheat is not it? preemption point works well.

  7. when watching the montana replays they send and panzer shows them i want
    the monty even more now. its just like a new mexico with 23km ranged guns

  8. Something doesn`t feel right about his every salvo beeing exactly on point.

  9. I enjoy your videos Panzerknacker, I like that they are straight games
    without commentary, if I want comments I’ll go watch Flamu or Notser, it is
    nice to just get to see the game and appreciate it without constant talking
    that never shuts up. But if you do commentary, I won’t stop watching.

  10. Markus “IceY” Eisenhammer

    Why did all of the enemy team gave him Broadside… That is early Christmas

  11. nice to see the Montana have a good one.

  12. 2:27
    Zao: Lol I’ll just show my broadside to the Montana, he’ll never be able to
    hit me-


  13. +1 to where is the commentary. It’s a bit like ripping other people’s
    content if you aren’t actually adding anything to it? Would love to hear
    insights etc like you did once.

  14. And again, just because they showed there broadsides.

  15. What is this crosshair i see a lot of people use it ?

  16. Nicholas “Nick” Peschel

    where do you very ur music from?

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