Montana hybrid-secondary build 261k DMG Kraken – World of Warships

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Player: Viykin
Map: Sea of Fortune

User Description:

I set up my Montana her captain for all secondaries minus main battery accuracy mod and it’s a blast! At 9.2km, they don’t reach quite as far as the KM secondaries, the fire chance and RPM on them should not be taken lightly. Even though my secondaries only did 10k raw , they lit 6 fires for another 20k. Maybe it’s not the most effective tryhard build but I don’t regret this setup at all!

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  1. first….Warum bin ich nachts eigentlich auf YouTube unterwegs?#keinleben

  2. That man was threading the needle between those shots for the first 5 minutes.

  3. if only he would slow down xD it was weird that the zao didn’t fire so it has to be a torp strike.

  4. He would have survived if he had pulled a hard starboard stop after the Zao bought it, but oh well. Wonderful game otherwise. Love the boop.

  5. what was that at the end?

  6. So sounds like you have at least a 14 point captain, and you went with BFT, AFT, and manual secondaries in place of the concealment or stealth 4 point skill. At 9.2 you must also be using the secondaries flag, from what I remember about US BB secondary range. Nice game. Curious, did you not die to the ram because he hit you on the torp bulge or did you have the flag to reduce ram damage? Thanks!

  7. Why do sooooo many of the featured players on this channel trash talk the enemies? I don’t get it

  8. Michaelwilsongabriel2011 Wilson

    sorry dude .. I’m done with pay to win games

  9. Was the “Boop” a Nora Valkyrie(RWBY) reference? Man those secondaries. =O

  10. With the upcoming changes for CV i might stick to a survival-AA build tho anyway good game

  11. i guess he doesnt have ifhe on this. if he did, this thing would probably be a kurfurst with really accurate guns and a citadel. awesome build, though. just goes to show the versatility of the american high tier BBs.

  12. Secondaries only did 30k (incl fires) out of the 260k. So wasted points if you ask me…

  13. I’m playing also maxing secondaries damage, but mainly japanese bb..:)

  14. That dude is a beast

  15. wow overpen on G.Furfurst

  16. just over 10k on a secondary build with a Montana? that’s really poor

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