Montana Is The Most Consistent Battleship in World of Warships

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Montana has been in the game since the beginning and is still one of my favorite battleships to play at tier 10. Accurate 12 gun battleship that can tank is enough to work in almost any scenario.

I’m PQ. Hopefully, on this channel, I can teach you a bit about how I play the game. Thanks for watching.

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  1. NuclearPoweredGoose

    I just got the ship a couple days ago and it’s a TON of fun to play. The ship is better than what people claim to be

    • Manorscape Gardening

      Always seems to be the case. Also build for how YOU play not how YouTubers play it. I dont refer to this channel but another popular one, always seems to hate ships that I love and do well with, but I build and play it totally different from his “review” video

    • @Manorscape Gardening exactly this!! So many people blindly follow those “celebrities”. I remember during early days of clan wars, Flamu was dissing Montana, said totally unusable for clan battles, only to see every top clans started playing Montana in clan battles.
      This is the reason I don’t read ship reviews, I’m good enough to form my own opinion.

    • Manorscape Gardening

      @Icy Phoenix I use some of the information these guys have to form my own opinion, for example after the commander rework…I watched how these guys rated the new skills, and the nuances and quarks that they had, and decided how to use them myself

    • my dude goose. Sup
      And Montana is def a very good BB
      Decent AA, good armor, consistent main battery, decent speed and concealment

    • NuclearPoweredGoose

      @HunterBean fancy seeing you here mate

  2. I love the classics. Even though it was never built, plans were 100% completed and it’s always felt like a “real” ship in the game. Compared to……..some other ones.

  3. It’s numbers on the spreadsheet say is very underpowered. However that’s more due to the fact that it’s most people’s first t10. I love Montana, my favorite ship till I got the Ohio.

  4. Montana was my first T10, got her in 2015, and I still love this ship.

  5. Honesly, the American and Japanese battleships in the game in my opinion, even if they’ve seen some powercreep. It all comes down to the really nice guns, with good, accurate AP!😊

    • Agreed. They’re just good ships. No major gimmicks in the line, sans Massa and Georgia. Fun boats. NC is probably the best turd in the punch bowl. She’s one of my favs. I’m still getting the hang of the Montana. I probably just need to play her more.

  6. I’ve had Montana since I first started playing and she’s still great. Having the legendary mod, range mod, with the dispersion buff mod makes her very strong. Montana is worth the grind for those who enjoy BBs.

  7. When I played I was never that good at the game, probably slightly above average with an almost 53% (solo) overall win rate. I didn’t have that many ships were I was successful in, but one thing was that among the few ships where I found success, USN ones dominated across the board, from Atlanta to the USN BBs (this was before the split). My most played ship and most successful one was the Helena (T7 CL). That was before the IFHE changes and what not, but yeah overall the USN ships really embody the “Jack of all trades, master of none, decent to quite good in all measures.”

    None of them really stood out or were REALLY good at doing anything, but they’re workhorses that when played well give you an above average experience of the game. I never experienced many highs in USN ships, but I didn’t experience many lows either. They just do what they do, without the gimmicks of the other lines.

    They aren’t flashy, aren’t outstanding, but you can count on them to pull you through.

    In fact I’d go as far as saying that for newer players, the more gimmicks in a line the worse off they’ll be when it comes to learning the game. This is for two reasons: First of all, they’ll be too tempted to use all the gimmicks, putting them in unnecessary positions, wasting resources or just complicating things in general. Second of all, gimmicky lines usually have other weaknesses or challenges that may well be too hard for a new player to grasp, making their learning curve steeper.

    A lot of USN ships are the exact opposite. They don’t have fancy tricks up their sleeves, don’t particularly excel at anything, may not be able to overpower other lines head on when it comes to more specialist tasks and certain kinds of fights, but they have just about the right amount of tools and the characteristics to function in the majority of situations a player finds themselves in.

  8. A little buff to the shell speed would bring this boat back to the front yard

  9. One of my all time favourites. I run her with the range mod, accuracy mod, rudder mod and the legendary mod. Gives her an absolutely nuts 11 or 12 second rudder shift and some insane accuracy to hit people across the map. She’s been powercreeped by Ohio but I still think she has her own niche.

  10. Montana was my first tier 10 as its my favorite battleship but for me its really a hit or miss as in i either get a good game or botched match cause i still dont know how to position Montana vs how i play gk.

  11. It seems like the Americans have the best “learn how 2 X” ship lines. Their DDs, BBs, CAs, and even CVs are all just good. Not amazing at any one thing, good guns, good torps, good concealment, good armor, good health, just plain good. Great for learning the playstyle of a new ship type.

  12. Man, looking at monty’s gun angles make me realize just how bad GK’s are.

    Its really dumb how you can blap someone for 21k with AP on a 19mm armored superstructure (which shouldn’t be enough to arm the shell). Who cares about armor when you can just shoot the superstructure.

  13. What most people don’t realize is that you just have to shoot superstructure on any angled target and you get huge hits. And if that doesn’t work, you can use your 30+% fire chance HE to burn them down (don’t be that guy). But you can mostly use AP. Montana is one of the strongest BBs if you play her right, which most don’t.

  14. This is my favorite BB in randoms. I prefer to play more mid range like a heavy cruiser, while still being able to punish broadsides from across the map. I think a lot of hate on this ship comes from people trying to snipe from the backline.

  15. I wouldn’t recommend it for t10 carriers because people already snipe them with Yamato and satsuma. I’ve been dev struck by Montana from literally across the map already. I do agree you shouldn’t bounce when you catch us out, but the flight deck bounces is the only thing keeping us from being dev struck at the start of the match.

    • Why do you think the plane spotting changes are coming? It sure isn’t to help surface ships it’s to stop the 899 groups from sniping CVs and same with yamato/shiki/satsuma at t10.

  16. monty was my first tier 10. it’s also my least favorite tier 10. while you can absolutely dumpster something broad side all a tier 10 cruiser has to do it angle to you and you’re useless other than super structure. i’m a yama main and prefer 460’s. american 406’s are useless over tier 8 IMO.

  17. Montana has always been my favorite battleship. I like that it’s highly consistent, particularly that it’s quite accurate but by no means a long range sniper. You can push in to strategic positions and deal damage in a wide range of situations, not overly-limited by enemy angling but still needing to take shots wisely. It’s just a very fun ship for someone who isn’t seeking the adrenaline of a full-on push or the passivity of a backline sniping game, but rather a versatile, medium-excitement support ship.

  18. My third BB after Yamato and GK
    While I did grind this BB when fire spamming conq was considered cancer, this ship is so much fun to play.

    The BBs nowadays have a ton of gimmicks, and while I don’t personally have a problem with that, unlike many ppl, I do like going back to this ship, every now and then. And the line progression, while not perfect overall, is def not bad skill-wise, becoz positioning with Monti is key to doing well in her, and you learn that from Colorado.

  19. Only thing I’ve managed to citadel a broadside Kurfurst midrange with is the NC. US bb super heavy AP is pure God tier!

  20. The big Turning point on the Yamato vs Montana thing was when WG lowered the citadel on the Iowa and Montana. Before that, the Montana was just objectively worse. The improved heal was also a big boost to the American BBs.

    Fun fact, the old raised citadel on the Iowa and Montana was meant to represent the 5 in gun powder handling rooms. From a “realism” perspective, the old raised citadel kind of made more sense.

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