MONTANA new tier X DD || World of Warships

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  1. hope the sound will be ok this time – i dont know what happend last time sry for the re – up ! best regards

  2. THIS is not a camping in the back MONTANA for sure =)

  3. Do you have old versions of World of Warships?

    I need for playing replays :/

  4. DD too op, please nerf

  5. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Man I hate the USA DD with super heavy AP shells….

  6. Didn’t think DDs could get fatter than the gearing

  7. when your tier X montana gets triple citadel by a bismark

  8. Montana is such a good ship

  9. Shame it ended just then – was looking forward to the brawl at the end…

  10. High Caliber in just over 6 minutes, classic.

  11. I love destroyers … including those of 72000 tm

  12. 16 inch us bb is goood

  13. Him possesseth very large genitalia.

  14. Anyone notice most of the Montana’s team was basecamping and joined the fray as Montana capped? The two DDs on the Montana’s team was pretty useless. A bit reckless but well played.

  15. Really thank you for publishing my yolo replay 😀 hope you appreciate the one I sent you today, cheers.

  16. When we heard Jayda says:Don’t try this at home?

  17. Awesome! Thats how youve to Play! 😀

    Only one mistake… The last salvo … Why he didnt wait for the broadside?! 🙁 … So sadly, no kraken for him.

  18. Like a Boss!

  19. If I tried to go into cap like at the start with half the team seeing me, I would surely get focus fired and be dead within 5 minutes! The first to enemy Montana’s he faced weren’t even pointing at him, had guns turned away. Lucky game but well played as well!

  20. This guy should have shot the Moskva at 8 minutes. Had the chance to potentially kill it and didn’t take it.

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