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Time to take a look at the USS . This ship fears only one other, the . However, with a re-work of armor after patch 5.9, does the Montana finally equal the Yamato. I take a look.

I provide some general along with my preferred loadout for the Montana.

NOTE: People have been, for lack of a better word, “kind” enough to point out I’m not using premium consumables. I wish I had known 5.9 was going to set auto-resupply back to default. That’s what happened.

Honestly, if you haven’t yet, It’s time to take a look at the USN BB line. While it used to be that IJN BBs were superior, this is not longer the case, and the USN line has a lot to offer.


  1. While I do very much like my Montana, the Yamato is just vastly superior,
    and will continue to be so long as it has the ridiculous guns and accuracy.
    Given that WG has said that it will always have the largest guns in game,
    it is near powercreep-proof as well. As nice as the Montana has become, the
    Yamato still needs to be toned down or forever will the Montana, and all
    other battleships that follow it, be useless.

  2. Sooo no one going to bring up hes using non premium damage party here….On
    a T10 BB ….

  3. The fire prevention skill at tier 2 is useful?

  4. why bro, why? why u gotta put a scare in me when I’m within spitting
    distance of yamato? I have prepped all my captains for this momentous
    occasion, I don’t have enough Americans to change gears and get Montana
    instead. I’m already stretched because I didn’t plan on getting Iowa until
    I looked into how awesome it is. So, why u do me like this? I love my
    Izumo, but I can’t keep it over an Iowa…

  5. I agree that concealment builds are definitely the best thing for USN BBs.
    Their natural low surface detect range means that a concealment build gives
    them ridiculous concealment, even at high tiers. While I do like not being
    spotted and hence not taking damage, I especially love it to go “Surprise!”
    on cruisers showing broadside. Good players already know to angle their
    ships towards enemies they can see. But if they don’t know you’re there,
    they are vulnerable.

    IJN BBs on the other hand have terrible concealment, so even CE won’t save
    them there. And while the upcoming german BBs seem to have comparable
    concealment to USN, they are true brawlers that are at their best under
    10km where CE won’t help them, so they would be better with either manual
    AA or manual secondaries (I’d say the latter given all that HE). USN BBs on
    the other hand are best at medium range, so keeping themselves between 12
    and 15km means they can pop in and out of concealment easily, the true
    ninjas among all battleship lines.

  6. After I got my Iowa, I switched to the USN DD line and now only have to get
    my Gearing and Montana to complete everything but CVs. I hesitated on the
    MT due to the issues she had against the Yamato, as well as the outrageous
    repair costs in a losing match. I will say that my best games appear to be
    in my NM and NC, but I still have a lot of fun in my Wyoming and Texas.

  7. I enjoyed the video. commentary sounded much more natural then some of your
    other videos and I’m glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t care for the

  8. The way fire prevention skill works is it reduces you chance to catch on
    fire from your base chance, so 7% of 13% means you drop down to 12% chance
    to catch of fire… in other words barely helpful.

  9. Personally, after playing all the US BB’s, I hated the Iowa most. And I
    ground through the Colorado during the 0.4 era, which it was a pile of hot
    steaming garbage. The Iowa even with all the upgrades is damn near hopeless
    when trying to dodge torpedos. I’ve tried so many different mods set ups,
    including switching the concealment mod out for det range, because of the
    torpedo detection, and having Vig, hoping they would stack. Does not seem
    to matter, even at full speed with rudder shift upgrade 18 seconds to go
    neutral is hopeless. As a side note, as I didn’t do any scientific testing,
    still cannot confirm that Vig stacks with the detection module. In practice
    it did NOT seem too. Thanks for the video.

  10. that atago probably did have his torps ready but a yamato secondary
    probably knock them out.

  11. If that Atago had any luck like mine, he was probably set up for a perfect
    torpedo pass only to have his tubes taken out 1 second before he could

  12. Awesome vid! came from reddit, now subbed

  13. even with the buff= it will be as always with the Montana: people just
    prefer crying over learning how to play…

    the Montana was never underpowered… and now the flamers and kiddys or
    what ever will probably start to cry under this comment, because yt xD

  14. as soon as the german bbs come out the montana will fall to the bottom of
    the bb pecking order once again. it was the first tier 10 i grinded to and
    the first ship i sold! total junk

  15. To each his own. I strongly disagree that the Montana is “on par” with the
    Yamato, despite the current buffs the Montana received. The Yamato has
    better range, better penetration, better dispersion, better armor, better
    torpedo protection, better secondaries, better module selections, etc.
    Whereas the only advantage the Montana has over the Yamato is top speed and
    AA. If a same skill level Yamato goes up against a same skill level
    Montana, the Yamato will win and you know it.

  16. Nice game! Haven’t taken my Montana out in months, I’ll have to take it for
    a spin and see how it is now.

    I also like going with concealment on my BBs, it not only allows you to get
    the jump on cruisers but allows you to get out of trouble when needed. I’m
    curious about the new accuracy upgrade, but not sure if I want to bother
    trying it. I have faster reload, and with 12 guns I’m sure it makes up for
    whatever improvement I would get in dispersion.

  17. I’m not sure I understand the math on the fire prevention skill. According
    to what I’ve read and heard, it’s a multiplicative skill … so it should
    mean that you get 7% less fires … which doesn’t seem like you’d notice
    it. But, you really feel it makes a difference, so I’m wondering if there
    isn’t a hidden stat at work?

  18. GG Zoup!

  19. ummmm… there are a few things which really bug me about your
    modules/setup oO
    – improved range when ur primaries cant hit anything farther away than
    15km? isnt the stealth builds single purpose to lower the engagement
    range??? its contradictionary imho oO
    – SPOTTING PLANE ON TOP OF THAT?! “yeah sure i like shooting 32km far and
    watch the shells travel for half a minute!” da fuck???
    – WHY U NO USE PREMIUM REPAIR?!?!?!? i mean cmon! what is this? 22500
    credits is nothing when taking tier xs for a ride

    other than that u had a pretty nice game there, pretty much everytime RNG
    was a thing it turned to your favor 😉 although the decision u made were
    the right ones in the most cases… he wouldve been better against the
    yamato i think.
    regarding the montana being on par with yammy in 0.5.9… i dont think much
    has changed… yammies keep shitting on my monty all day everyday from any
    angle. those armor overmatch mechanics are just crap… 30° angled towards
    it and yammy keeps getting those 4800ish hits on you -.-

    other than that: keep up the good work with those vids man!

  20. Oddly enough, in the square-speaking neglected server (i.e. Asia), the
    Montana isn’t a great ship given that Yamatos reign supreme here. I agree
    that a stealth build fits the Montana better due to the guns and the more
    zippy turret traverse compared to the long Yamato…

  21. I know a lot of people don’t like the Colorado but it is my highest avg
    damage BB so far. Granted I am only up to tier 8’s but I just did really
    well in the Colorado, it is a brawler, use islands and get to point blank
    range and slug it out. It worked well for me.

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