Montana Tank 101 – World of Warships

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A game in my where there is a fair amount of back and forth with some memorable moments. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

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  1. Spineking Jørgensen

    Lmao people wanna buff the Montana but not the GK?

    • +xpaiinlezzz, yeah, it deals fuck ton of dmg to broadsiders. I have said, i am mostly matched against potato enemy who keep showing broadside. They know how to avoid shells when they’re broadsided. Hardly seen potato enemy except weekend and during night hours

    • +Irfane Fatenight, WG is trying to encourage BBs to stay at the back. Make sense? Tell me the amount of ships they released is meant for support and tanking, nada!

    • +Mark Wassink, sarcasm

    • +Loo Wang Cheng Ah some people have those complaints though

    • Peter Van Schepen

      The GK needs a buff now and it’ll be unplayable once the Soviets show up. I love the GK, but the dispersion is just atrocious; you can’t even hit targets at 7km instead you’re splashing on every side of the target. The only way you find a citadel is by luck, most of my AP is overpen. I have better luck with IFHE for secondaries and sticking to HE…. It makes me sad.

  2. It’s a naked Cleveland

    Hah,for that,all the Cleveland people will unsubscribe

  3. The montana is a beast I have it the most dmg iv’e ever done in it was 227k

  4. Timon Abramovic

    Considering the Montana is one of the top picks in EVERY competitive mode…I find it hilarious how people can think that it would need to be buffed xD
    And that’s a ship which was there from day1 from this game…so, get guud guys ^^ it’s a monster

  5. how did you lose 2pts of damage? I was watching to see if that last salvo landed and the results screen is 2pts lower.

  6. I like how you didn’t get sold by your teammates, which usually happens.

  7. Mohammad Rashad

    6:28 11.5 K damage by HE
    conqueror is so balanced

  8. Hi Notser, When are you going to keep up with the promise of showing your new GK build? You mentioned it in the Republique build but up till today no GK build. However this Monty tank build was beautiful so if I had know you would mentioned this build that far back, it would be worth the wait.

  9. SonOfAB_tch2ndClass

    I at least want the improved autobounce angles on the super heavy shells like the cruisers and destroyers

  10. Love my monty, feels like every other game I earn a dreadnaught

  11. Thomas Bernecky

    nice game Notser, thanks. something I’ve noticed: you really refuse to use your planes, even your fighters?

  12. it’s all RNG.. Even with that same build, sometimes I get 1 plane shot down before they drop all their payload.

  13. I agree with the Montana being just fine. But I hate the legendary. Remove the rudder thing and increase the tanky part

  14. Montana is a great ship, WG just needs to make sure the Pobeda doesn’t steal its accuracy/AA niche.

  15. Finally a useful Montana build and clear explanation on how to play her. Well done Notser! I just tried it out and had a much better experience.

  16. Killer game and smartly played. Sometimes you really feel like you have to make a turn which will expose broadside but I will time those moments so that I’m doing it when the biggest threat is reloading. Since I can’t tell what elements you were balancing when that happened, nothing but respect for your outstanding gunnery and gameplay!

  17. ThatAussieBloke

    I had like 50k xp on Iowa, then I got the Missouri as it was being removed. Now I have 300k on the Missouri and 70k on Iowa, shows how good the Iowa is

  18. Jonathan Nagtegaal

    world of warships is broken, previous match I played I citadelled an Iowa with an HE round from the york

  19. Montana is a great ship, and it really suits her tank build. Stealth build might som work (I use it on some ships) but a tank build don’t care if you are spotted.

  20. Such a good vid man. Haven’t been sure about this line, but I will consider now.

    Subjectively, if u could only have one, would you go for Republique or Montana?

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