MONTANA the BB Fighter 347K DMG || World of Warships

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  1. Decent captain who does not take many risks in my opinion, fight very tense toward the end, but instead I would have just bathed that enemy Montana towards the end with a hail of HE Shells until it sank, instead of insisting with AP. ..

    • on the fun side, he knocked out one front gun permanently, then the other right before that montana died 😀

    • Oh, dude, I love take risk but in this battle on this flank there was not too many risk, not my fault that most of both fleets went A/B. And at the and on this range – AP was better. I’m not very proud of this battle, not too many emotions, adrenaline. Regards, Psh

  2. Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

    First to comment – oh and nice France Division… But holy fuck that France did nothing (I mean look at him on the mini map in game) other than steal kill and be bait – only to melt in seconds by HE… Also loved how Donskoi fired AP at the angled belt, turrets and aft of the Montana… Clearly France isn’t accurate – I mean look at that dispersion at 4:12 – it makes Izumo’s dispersion look tight, when compared to that…

  3. World of ships sailing broadside. Impressive DMG numbers, but mostly due to awful red team positioning. Very fortunate that this was only a 2 DD game as well.

  4. #road to new Mexico ?

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