MONTANA the cruisers killer – 12 Citadels || World of Warships

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  1. Ok, try to hit more than 10 cit/battle on RUserver. RUserver-players more skilled.

  2. Why does the video just end like that?

  3. pshhh… who needs the last 3 minutes and 57 seconds of the match with three enemy ships still alive…

  4. Chat too toxic, censored……

  5. Umm, what happened to the last 4 minutes of the match?

  6. hmm, 14:43 after last salvo – dmg done 247k…
    few seconds later – endscreen with 267k and victory, which didnt looked at the time…
    thumb up for his accuracy, but all my thumbs DOWN for the shells view after every salvo !!!

  7. At least you can’t sink Conqueror easily ?

  8. Kya:The citadel killer

  9. @#$@$$@#$€ !!!!

  10. Hmmm, Not Sure, i Check tomorrow….

  11. Compare to other bb he’s not powerful but with low speed shells He’s a Monster Killer of Cruisers i agree

  12. here is the missing end – sorry dont know what happend there with the replay….

  13. Great gunnery skills by the player–certainly better than me–but he got fixated on CAs hiding in smoke a couple of times when he could have used his fires on other opportune targets. Still a great play.

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