Montana vs 3 Yamato || World of Warships

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  1. Is it just me or did I notice from videos in recent month or two that it has gotten easier to consistently citadel a Yamato?
    In 2016 and 2017 Yamato was like a floating MAUS tank.
    Back then you can citadel a Yamato when the stars and planets got a certain alignment.
    In 2018 it looks as if Yamato’s belt is made out of 410 mm thick TOFU.

    • tamenga88 well yamy always was easy to cit
      Only it was dangerous to get close to it cause it could bow cit everything
      Now with every other B.B. having underwater citadels they don’t care about it

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Well we have Citadel proof turtlebacks and underwater citadels.
      I’m guessing the underwater glitch – has been fixed – and now Monquerors are citadel proof again.
      Leaving ships such as Montana or Yamato – with actually existing – hittable citadels – to get fucked over against citadel-proof broadsiding scrubs, that you can never punish with one-shots – without dets.
      Well the Yamato’s in this game are full potates and full broadside – they deserved to be nuked.

    • The two Yamato’s in the end were total noobs. First off the showed broadside for no good reason. Secondly the can’t aim, the kept shooting Montana at the belt that bounces the shells, instead of shooting at the bow where they can penetrate. If they played correctly they would have wrecked the Montana.

      It’s not that Yamato is more easy to citadel, because it always was. However two things have happened:
      1: All other T10 BBs have gotten lower (Montana) or completely unhittable (Kurfurst) citadels, meaning that these can often rush Yamato. That’s why you see videos every other week be like “[T10 BB] 843k damage solo warrior, 31 citadels devastating strike on Yamato” etc etc.
      2: A lot more players are now aware of the front citadel weakness under the front turrets. In part because of videos, but also the in game armour viewer.

  2. OMG that cv is actually protecting him!!!Teamplay?!MADNESS ;p Anyways, awesome play, enjoyable.

  3. Amid harassing dd and plane attacks too. Nicely done.

  4. This is my kind of replay!

  5. Well played!

  6. The Yamato Citadel is too easy… :/ Where’s the GREAT YAMATO ???!!! ^^

  7. Montana=Yamato killer

  8. buddy stole my intro not nice


  10. nice montana replay

  11. 13:50 Two full Broadside noob Yamato

  12. 白銀大和*Bayern.ヤマト

    All three Yamato players are in horrible position in the entire game

  13. Yamato is shit ships.

  14. Another bullet cam idiot. Bullet cam is not “cool”.

  15. Is there some easy way to get Yamato easily now?

    I’m seeing a lot of potato Yamato’s recently. Had a game in my Kurfurst where a Yamato sailed full broadside to me for a good 2 minutes. I sailed bow on to him, so I only had my A/B turrets, but killed him with 6 citadels after I got close enough… dude started whining in chat “Kurfurst overpowered!”

  16. плохо играет и стреляет!!!

  17. Had that battle lasted any longer that Montana would have gone down… but that 1 vs 2 at the end was pretty cool

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