MONTANA – when all is lost – throw in your HP || World of Warships

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  1. Hello

  2. Only broadsiding cruisers since Cleveland Update, I have a lot of fun in my Montana too

  3. Schöne Runde

  4. my Montana and GK have been feasting on idiot cruisers since the update, im reaching war crime levels

    • lol braindead cruisers for days! its a beautiful sight isn’t it? farming dev strikes for days like no one’s business!

  5. M a x i k i n g

    heute in ranked als yamato gegen 5dds

  6. Perfect

  7. Was bedeutet eig dd’s, bb’s?

  8. my god! what did I just witness at the end! those were some braindead cruisers! all they had to do was run away and they would clam victory but instead, they decided to switch to suicide mode and charge a T10 battleship that is well known for wiping the faces of cruisers off of the earth with those 12 accurate and devastating rifles! yes the last patch came out meaning that a lot of people who were stuck at T6 got moved up to T8 with their new clevelands but they’re things like buffalos and hindenburgs thrown into the mix too! when you snatch defeat from the jaws of victory! I’m just speechless!

  9. Its the way to redefine battleship from “moving target” to “moving cannon”

  10. Kazeshini Hasagi

    He should ve tank in the beggining b4 his team get wiped but gg

  11. просто красавец, просто нет слов

  12. Geile Runde. Bin auch gerade auf dem Weg von der Iowa zur Montana. Freue mich schon. 🙂

  13. Noob enemy 😂

  14. 14:10 that was cancer…

  15. True elite commander

  16. This guy gets really unlucky.

  17. Tondu montana

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