MONTANA XP RECORD || World of Warships

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  1. “Verry Hunurabel”

  2. Edilson Oliveira Dos Santos

    Brasil salve

  3. Como lo hace…

  4. Edilson Oliveira Dos Santos

    Jogo muito como um guerreiro ?☠️?

  5. Montana with reload mod very interesting

  6. That was probably one of the most clever Rams ive seen in W.O.W. and the one he dodged earlier was pretty nice too.. GG

    • +Irfane Fatenight i have to be honest, i useally watch at home, but i was watching this on my cell phone.. So i couldn’t see the chat! Or the icons over the ships.. I’m going back and watch it on my flat screan when i get a chance..

      I’m not a player, just a big time fan of the game, and a if want to say, a groupy.. I love watching W.O.W. and the best players in the game.. Especially comp play!!

    • Irfane Fatenight Lol I tried to do make the deal for shits and giggles, but he was having none of it. I was planning on ramming him regardless, and it’s why I was waiting behind the island for as long as I did. I wanted to pop around the corner right in front of him, and thankfully I timed it right.

    • +Warhawk971 that was my thought too.. After you capped, i seen you slowly creeping around the island and i said he sitting up for the ram.. And you kept your ship angled to keep him from deleting you.. And you used that last heal at right moment Well played…..

    • Irfane Fatenight

      +Warhawk971 gg man, I expect u to get the cap and waiting him to pop out with full broadside from ur starboard but I was wrong, u charging to the left part that island and somehow he also did lol. But 430mm still deal least dmg on ur belt even u already on good angling tho

    • Irfane Fatenight

      +Chucky 365 nevermind dude, I also watch it on my 5″ cellphone ? but on 720p.

  7. Uchuu senkan Monnnntaaaanaaaaa

  8. how is that a record? ive had 25k with flags on even lower tier ships

  9. What the heck is he doing at 10:08? And the other Monty missed too… What a bloody Salem and dm, only broadside potatoes. And only plane xp. I need Players Like the republique at the end too

  10. Yeah.. A New Record Of Little Penis And Littel Balls!!! NO SKILL, ONLy LuCk!!!

    • Boaty McBoatfac3

      cant wait to see videos of your gameplay

    • Yeah… Comment of a really salty person who missed all of the lil things he does here to make any of that possible. Laughable comment by someone who is clearly salty and couldn’t ever fill Eagles virtually or actually jock strap.

  11. AlmightySpecs :3

    My favorite Battleship 😀

  12. I really like this guy’s play style! Taking the shot at the DD whenever possible, nice angling, great target selection and the right dose of agression. He was not even that lucky (unlike most of the players in the video you usually select). Overall a very enjoyable game to watch! Nice selection Panzerknacker! Keep up the good work!

    • BlackWolf shooting dds in your bbs was my shit before they nerfed the ap
      Now the max I got is 8k with 12shells thrown at him
      It’s not really the main focus anymore and it’s pretty sad tbh

    • The Ugly Barnacle

      Focusing DDs should always be a priority with BBs. You never know if you can get that one magical hit that will change the game around in an instant.

    • The Ugly Barnacle you can’t pen them anymore
      Wasting a volley to hit one or 2 shells of dmg… the same dmg that a dd can do in one volley as well

  13. I am not sure how the Gearing at 5:28 survived.

  14. Why 75000 dmg has confe?

  15. People play Tiers 5-7 to grind credits…
    This guy makes over a million out of a Tier X game #dealwithit

    • @Anriandor He makes 1.155.357 and that only with premium. I’d agree if he could do it without premium.

  16. Ty panzer! Glad my replay made it! For those wondering, this is a range, legendary, accuracy mod Montana, with Halsey as the captain.

  17. Nicely done, thats what a pro BB looks like

  18. base xp calculation makes absolutely no sense at all

  19. 11:10 typical greedy DD player torping from second line, and forcing allies to give broadside to ennemy BB

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