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Participate and get your gift from Santa!

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  1. Get less stuff in wows than wot packages

  2. The austro-Hungarian empire could have a few of there cool looking battleships

  3. Why not just call it what it is gambling.

    • I wish there weren’t so many whiners in the player community. If you don’t like loot boxes, then don’t participate. It really is that simple!

    • +Flava Flave it is the exact same thing as a hand of black jack,or a pull of a slot machine. There is no difference from what Casino’s are doing and then this. Only difference is Casinos have to follow rules and regulations where WG in most county do not. The odds are a joke. In World of Tanks you can win the containers for just playing the game, and if you do well you can get multiple. The same can not be said about Warships. If you had a job where they told you, you have a 1 in 56/57 chance to get paid would you do it? No one would.

    • +Mike Slagley So it is okay for kids to gamble?

    • +mulletbaby01 I don’t know many kids under the age of 18 that have their own credit cards and thus the ability to purchase loot boxes.

      At any rate, why do you feel the need to police other peoples’ behavior?

    • +Mike Slagley just things called laws, you are not above them, no one is, not even a company doing it be it EA or WG. Kids millions of them globally have debit cards dumb ass, do you live under a rock?

  4. Earl grey is that you?

  5. I wish you a nice Christmas holidays! LG: Schwarze_Korsar

  6. Is that Dasha with a fake beard?

  7. Didn’t win, sad!

  8. NA Links are broken. Just get a list of language preferences that cycle back to the list of languages.

  9. Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

    Didn’t win it. Neither did my clanmates although they threw some bucks for Vanguard, Cossack, and Black Friday containers.

  10. Vielleicht hat man ja mal Glück?

  11. Our Santa is a girl.

  12. I’ve had terrible luck this year, let’s hope this changes.

  13. Alejandro Aréchiga

    lo que quiero de regalo es que regresen los subtitulos en español

  14. Et les sous titres en français? Le traducteur c’est fait viré ?

  15. Looking good, IEarlGrey…Russia certainly does seem to have been good for your…um…beard, yes, your beard. And your voice is as it always has been…it never changes. LOL Merry Christmas

  16. I am looking forward to the day the rest of Europe follows Belgium and ban this stuff.

  17. “Prince Eitel” oh come on WG

  18. Hello, I have another cod from the gamescom 2017 and this is valid until 31.12.2019. My problem is that this can not be redeemed, why?

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