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Part 2 – Lets do this AGAIN!
FINALLY!!! A use for all that in-game gold…


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  1. ricky prasetya made

    the anshan lunar new year camo have the same stats as the original camo

  2. Cost
    for all 3 “Bundles” – 26,664 Gold

    If you subtract the cost of the 3 guaranteed items:

    11,500 – Irian T8 CA
    5,000 – Irian PermaCamo
    1,500 – 10 Point Captain

    That leaves 8,664 left to pay for 27 premium containers, or 320 gold per container. Is that “worth it”? Yes, because the containers are worth 750 Gold each (that’s what they drop, in gold or “stuff”) with a chance of more if they drop a permacamo or ship.

    Now if you don’t want the ship, fair enough… but if you do, then 320 gold per premium container is quite reasonable. You can’t buy 8,664 gold for $62.52 which is what 27 containers are worth, at the current $88 rate for 38 of them and gold can be earned in the game for various reasons, or gained from missions and containers.

    If you’re short of gold, this might not appeal to you, but people with lots of gold have been sitting on it with nothing to buy, this is awesome for such players.

  3. Hi again Tech, you did it again, you stacked the packs, each time you buy a pack the system reads your account and issues crates based on what you have in the account, As you hit the the Huanghe and Irian camo in the first set of crates if you had bought the second set of crates the system would heve read your account as already having the 2 perma camo’s and would then have issued the second set based on these camos already being in your account and so increasing the % chance of getting something new and unique. As it is it read your account the same for each pack you bought. Its why you had so many repeat ships in the Xmas crates also, by buying individually and opening all the crates before purchasing the next pack you increase your % chance. During xmas crate i never had a single duplicate till i unlocked every single ship in the list of available ships in the xmas crates. Buy single packs, open then purchase more. Love the channel hate to see you paying more then needed. 🙂

  4. Just a FYI, I have all the P.A premium ships and camos and bought 15 containers and was unable to get duplicates to drop, milage may vary. GG

  5. Tsaryu, he says several times the gold value of these crates is not worth it, he also says several times that its only value if you already have the gold sitting on your account with nothing to use it on. Tech is a collector of in game ships, he also has a lot of gold sitting on his account so why shouldn’t he buy these crates. He comes at WoW from a collectors point of view while giving descriptions of the benefits of camo, flags and other in game stuff for newer players.

    If you are going to come onto the channel and start calling people autistic and retarded because you simply don’t understand the video’s point then i suggest you do something more constructive with your life. Tech has 51k subscribers here on his gaming channel and over half a million on his main Tech deals channel. Meanwhile you have 1, it’s nice you mum supports you. Take the video for what it is, Tech buys these crates to provide info for his viewers enabling them to see if the crates provide value for the gold. Your own info on what is in the crates is also just nonsense, its 750 gold in a crate and 8 days WoW warship not 1 day. Nuff said.

  6. What happens if you receive a ship you already have? Do you get it’s Gold value like usual? I have the LoYang, Haunge, and Anshan already. I do not have the Irian (Eerie-On – I think).

  7. Is that the twitch symbol in the mountain backround?

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