more than 300k damage in a Grozovoi….World of Warships

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  1. lol afk dmg……really a good game?

  2. 300k Damage only? Go to the gulag!

  3. AFk damage….

  4. “My AA boost is extremely precious, I will only use it when my HP is in red :P”

  5. I am glad to see his build there at the end since I thought his reload looked faster than I expected – thus the BFT explains that.

  6. Константин Лисица

    Мал, да УДАЛ ! ! !

  7. Impressive results, no doubt. But not a really impressive game

    To me, he looks like a victor of the circumstances cause he

    Doesn’t use defensive AA at the start

    Doesn’t manoeuvre at all

    Doesn’t re-enforce his AA sector
    Doesn’t use heal after getting damaged by planes (though, that is debatable since he only has 3 of them)
    Doesn’t help the team but rather hunts down CV (to be fair, they managed it anyway)

    Just my opinion…

    • u can manoeuver plane rockets u r right about aa sector, i used all the heals and we won so why not chasing the CV and getting a record damage

  8. AFK + 100к

  9. is grozovoi a steel ship?

    • Russian Bias always protect.

      nope. Alternative Russian DD’s tech tree ship. Neustrashimy – Grozovoi’s brother – will be a steel ship 😛

    • +Russian Bias always protect. Oh yes, I forgot there was a split now. Do the two branches play differently?

    • Russian Bias always protect.

      +ReachForTheSky Oh yes, they are. Khaborovsk plays like light cruiser – awesome guns, awesome speed, mediocre AA, bad torps, good armor (Beacuse Russian Bias – u can bounce cruisers and even some bbs shells :P) Grozovoi is “Gearing clone” good concealment, quite fast, good guns (but fewer then Khaba), much better torps, smoke and heal charges are in different slots, so u always have both of them (in Khaba u have to choose). In addiction Grozovoi has DFAA – so metter AA 😛 Which is better? I have Grozo and I love it. I would like to grind Khaba, but after CV Rework I don’t play many dds :[

    • +Russian Bias always protect. Cool, thanks! I planned on grinding the Japanese torpedo boat branch first because I really enjoy torpedo gameplay. I know the gunboat line is more competitive overall but torps are fun to me.

    • Russian Bias always protect.

      +ReachForTheSky So good luck and be careful on radars and planes :v

  10. No Brain Gegner und AFK….easy….

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