Moskva – 8 kills – 3480 base exp – 298k damage || World of Warships

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  1. Wow carry much

  2. impresive!

  3. classic situation 1 good player is trying to carry noobs….wp moskva 😀

  4. Amazing Blyatman [Tim R.]

    You made stalin proud comrade , no gulag today for you

    *soviet anthem intensiefies*

  5. thought it was Yuro’s vid

  6. Those poor shoulders must hurt ;p

  7. Only 2 words for this – Moskva Moskva

  8. Judging from how he aims, he is for sure a super good player. The funny part is the red team: almost no one fires at him. He received potential damage: 47715, that’s it !!!! LOL !!! But still, his positioning is flawless!

  9. 8:20 oh boi, the battle for the Revolution!

  10. Watching him support & carry the team to victory is satisfying. Good use of Defensive AA and radar as well as AP shells against the juicy broadsides.

  11. Well Done, very close call.

  12. …their whole team ignored him the whole game and he just farmed them.

    GOD I wish that were me

  13. Holy shit that GK.

  14. monster match from this guy

  15. Remarkable game, no other words can describe when you were 1 against ALL

  16. 8:32 RNG be with u

  17. Nice carry 🙂 Well played, I thought your camping BB’s would draw their BB’s so far away that it would allow them to win, good recovery and win.

  18. Nice battle !!

  19. I am on the t7 of this cruisers’s line (schors) and i found him good but squishy af, is the t8 cruiser better or not?

  20. thats what we call CARRY

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