Moskva Ranked – 6kills – 22 Citadels – 3k base XP || World of Warships

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  1. What? The points Count when everyone is dead at the same moment? Didnt know that

    • I believe it works out to whoever has more points after both ships are destroyed, so as I had more points, and a BB kill is worth more than a cruiser even after my ship explodes my team has more points so we win.

    • +Bazinga! I dont think so. MrTonMou is right would be my guess. If its not 1000 points its a draw

    • There is another situation also: the ennemy is at 960 points (let’s say to simplify both teams gain 40 points for a kill and 40 for a loss) and you’re not the last ship standing, but your ram an ennemy ship and mutually destroy each other. Even though the ennemy team gains and loses 40 points (from 960), they will get the win because they *REACHED* 1000 points. You don’t need to stay at this goal, you just need to reach it. 🙂

    • +RCHER522 13 did some research, when you get a mutual kill and no one is alive, team with most points win

    • +Bazinga! interesting, so ram is a valid choice when 1v1 With More Points

  2. 18:22

  3. First comment
    I’m not really surprised since this is a Moskva and it’s good when it comes to punishing the enemies that show side, but these enemies failed to properly angle against this Mosvka, especially that Henri IV towards at 7:00 pm, given that someone as I would not have been sitting in a smokescreen being a barc with an elevated citadel against a German / French / Soviet cruiser.
    And that double death at 10:40 was hardly expected.
    A more interesting game than I expected.

  4. Epic, very well done

  5. 3k Base XP is a lie! 😀

  6. its a broadsiding tournament!

  7. 2999 ? That’s not 3K ! Clickbait 😮

  8. Win by ‘all enemy ships destroyed’.

    Interesting, I think it makes more sense if ‘win by pts’ or ‘our team achieved the goal(1000 pts)’. Winning by ‘all enemy ships destroyed’ means the ship count on enemy side is done prior to our side 😀

  9. For the Rodina! That was EPIC! That Moskva player truly understands the game!

  10. 11:35 it wouldn’t be WoW if there weren’t a Conqueror slumming on the map edge as his team is a slaughtered.

  11. Ништяк! ?✌️?

  12. GREAT!!!

  13. CoolMan / DeutschlandCraft2004

    WTF are you winning by colliding the ships to make it sink for victory

    • He was 996 points already, if he ram the conqueror, the points will pump to 1000 immediately before the system defined it’s a draw

  14. Oh hi that’s me, nice

  15. I guess he could’ve won without needing a ram, he just needed to stay in A cap for another 10 s.

    • No i would have died to the conq & the points would have ticked out, I have that mod that shows how long you have till the points tick out the game

  16. Can I buy these premium enemies? I think they would be worth more than any ship, signal, premium consumable, or MM

  17. 敌人智商明显有问题!

  18. That was a victory not a tie?

  19. Great positioning at A cap, ideal crossfire spot.

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