Moskva: The Russian Battleship || World of Warships

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boomdiada1 on X Москва – : Russian || Warships

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  1. Is USS Flint a reward in ranked battles?

  2. Well its actually a Battlecruiser.

  3. 2:20 DD says “engine is dead” aren’t you supposed to have last stand on a dd lmao😂

  4. This comment is for the teamplaying Gearing

  5. A Mogami not getting citadeled? What sorcery is this?

  6. Goddamn this guy knowd how to play his ship

  7. It is a Soviet ship, not Russian. Please call it how it is.

  8. Only one who fell asleep watching this?

  9. Izumo bitch getting rekt was so satisfying

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