Most Accurate Guns In the GAME! WARSPITE LASER GUN (World Of Warships Gameplay)

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Most Accurate Guns In the GAME! WARSPITE LASER GUNS! (World Of Warships Gameplay)

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  1. why yu do tis phly uploading videos from last week

  2. anyone hears the lighter in the background? ^^ 8:55 haha! 420?….

  3. Phly can you please try the New York!!!

  4. Hey Phly 🙂 Whats the battleship in the intro?

  5. Goosebump intro

  6. that ship is awfull, i bought used it a few times.. but damn worthless

  7. I swear this footage is old!

  8. Why werent you using he Shells? (Am new to the game)

  9. tell slick to stop being stud XD btw, where is phlyday???

  10. Play zao ! :]

  11. FIFA federal interactive football association

  12. Phly do you think the German H44 Battleship will be in the game?

  13. How do you get this ship?

  14. is wows free?

  15. NFL has nothing on rugby #usaShitatRugby

  16. Man your PC sounds like a jet engine in the background

  17. Phly, you will be testing the new premium DD “ORP Błyskawica ” from polish

  18. what is the name of the remix of the intro

  19. Yo phly, love the content, could you do some more battle stations
    midway/pacific? Those were my first real video games

  20. I clicked on this video thinking that he would showcase actual laser
    torrent’s that fired laser beams at the enemy. I was wrong.

  21. Very Honorable Sacrifice.
    U guys r hilarious!

  22. BaronVonVoicecrack 7:38

  23. Phly hit a citadel on a Cleveland….he must be cheating

  24. Hey Phly have you ever been sailing?

  25. He’s down to 1000!

  26. I would say the Nagato was more accurate, I don’t know all my friends in
    every game I played in that ship called me the Citadel God, even people in
    Iowas added me because I could citadel everything in the Nagato.

  27. Hey Phly. I think a ship “heels” when turning under control. It “lists”
    when sailing with a tilt angle that is not over the center of gravity.
    Sorry, just the grammar asshole coming out of me.

  28. great vid

  29. Travis Tynes-Peissner

    That ram at the end, FTMFW!!!! Just awesome

  30. I feel like I had already seen this video…

  31. While the game play isn’t bad; the language is bad. Too bad the level of
    players has sunken to the bottom of the social barrel. Cancelling

  32. Nice vid Phly! ??

  33. Dont ever expose ur broadside to a battleship, nice vid btw

  34. 08:55 Damm Slick! just hit that BONG :D

  35. that last part of the first match was intense lol

  36. amazing how the 3rd strongest/most important navy in WWII will only come
    fith in WoWs specially because it will come only after the russian
    destroyer line, I would understand if it was a cruiser or battleship line
    but not after a destroyer line

    it should at least come before the germans, I guess they could say it’s to
    add an “enemy” to the game but since there’s no nation based modes in the
    game it wouldn’t make sense, plus the british, americans and russians had
    the japanese as a common enemy so it wouldn’t be needed to add another
    “enemy/bad guy”

  37. I Have A Request Can You Do A Ishizuchi Review? Premium Tier 4 Japanese

  38. What do they mean when they say “citadel”?

  39. An idiot rammed me with a destroyer in my fuso today…

  40. I think I speak for everyone here but I freaking LOVE the intros to his

  41. i think this every time… but your intro is just AMAZING

  42. Dat Honorable ram doe

  43. Cool video dudes, you guys are quite entertaining! Really enjoyed it.

  44. +PhlyDaily i will literally do anything to get a Warspite, is there any
    known way of getting one?

  45. You’re the best!

  46. nice ramming. you ar hero :D

  47. Oh if you want stereotypical British accents, just watch a Company of
    Heroes 2 of the British nation

  48. +PhlyDaily the Warspite has the record for the longest range hit on a
    moving target. I think it was about 15 mile 24 kilometres something like

  49. The intro is awesome and nice vid phly

  50. Oh hallo! 6 minute hype! Fle, can you play the zao plez? Its mai favorite

  51. nice video phly

  52. love this intro

  53. 25th view

  54. phly i love, phly is life

  55. ayy lmao phly

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