MOST FRAGS of 2019 in World of Tanks

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World of Tanks. Today we’re witnessing the TOP GUN of 2019 – i.e. the player who scored the most frags this year!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. ey watched your stream today your dad is jokes xDD

  2. I watched the 2018 version of this video yesterday lol.

  3. Only less than 2 weeks remaining till new year.

    Keep the spirit going on your daily vids you mad lad !!

  4. Those rounds are called skillrounds

  5. Some of the shots he pulled off defy my understanding of game mechanics.

    • Selmanzwak Blazevic

      @John Smith Hes making silver , how? Premium tier 8 tanks , Premium account and personal reserves , and that costs gold .
      Total free2win player.

    • @Selmanzwak Blazevic I hope you realize that reserves are free… I have over 600 and I never spent a penny on them, 100 of those are credit reserves. Try again.

    • Selmanzwak Blazevic

      @John Smith Tryhards like him need more of those

    • @Naydenshaco dude, it is not even that impressive from the aim perpective… It is impresive from the luck perspective, because 99/100 it should not have hit… Aimbot has nothing to do with it.

  6. There’s no point in having armor if everything pen you, i can see “how good” someone is using only gold

    • @LewdHawk idk why you wrote this when it just confirms the msg above… You cant aim for shit/ rng isnt on your side, dab the 2key and everyones armor turns into paper… There are tanks that reliy on their armor, like maus and t5h, and you just press the 2 key and they turn into xp pinnatas, thats litteraly sad, you grind for a t 10, maybe your first t10 too, just to meet people with premium accounts who just press the skill key and turn you into carboard tank..

    • @milan tusar Not really both maus and type bounce plenty of gold, and the maus, if you know how to angle, is nearly impenetrable side scraping

    • @milan tusar my point is that shooting gold doesn’t make you good, It helps sure, but countless number players shoot nothing but premium and still play between 800-1600wn8. It’s about knowledge of mechanics, positioning, micro plays, and outplaying your opponents that makes you a skilled player not the premium rounds

    • Alexander the Great

      In this game al you need is speed and dpm, at least for higher leagues

    • @Alexander the Great well, not fully. If u can add a turret which withstand prem ammo then ur set.

  7. “I’m not judging anybody out there who would be playing at an older age” Jingles is very happy to hear that 😀

  8. What’s next, QB, “Top Scout 2019”?

  9. QB releases two YT videos on the same day like a 703-II fires a salvo. Cool.

  10. 4:30 gotta love the barrel roll that the Lynx does when it dies

  11. That base shot was worthy of winning a lottery ticket

    • Alexander the Great call me an idiot while you are either a Slav or 12 gj man defend this moron who qb chose for a single stat only and ignored the shady play

    • or worth getting the 703 II from the lootboxes without spending hundreds of dollars

    • Even with aimbot rng must be in your side to hit that kind of shot…aimbot doesn’t mean you are going to hit all shots…

    • @Naydenshaco even if it was auto aim it was still a lucky shot

    • What do you mean aimbot lmao, it was pure luck, a lot of people could aim like that but the chance of hitting was just very low. How would an aimbot help in this situation….
      (Not trying to lower her/his achievement, just saying)

  12. Steel Wall of 2019?

  13. A quick guide:
    Raseiniai Medal – “The on that no one gets”
    Kolobanov Medal – “The one that everybody wants”

  14. 11:00 pixel perfect aim, good one, that was pure luck

  15. I will quote awesome epic guys “load the balance rounds”

  16. “Magic Pay To Win Wallet Warrior Rounds” ^_^

  17. I got 11 kills in a Leichttraktor…I wasn’t seal clubbing, honest.

  18. Quicky. “Now then boys and girls”

    Me. I’m old enough to be your dad.

  19. When i fire clutch, i shot down the ISS instead of hitting the Tank in front of me

  20. I think we’re having Chinese Bias in this game

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