Most OP low tier ship that you’ll never get – World of Warships

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This is probably the most OP low tier ship in the game and just like me, you’ll never be able to get it because it is reserved for Alpha testers only, and that is Iwaki Alpha.

If you ever meet one be aware of its 10km torps, super accurate guns and a smoke screen.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. i am one of the lucky ones who got one, also have the Arkansas Beta (obviously). the Iwaki is the best DD bully machine in the game. only a small snaking pattern when chasing DD and you can get 3 guns firing. no longer play the game though…

  2. I didn’t realize she’s a cruiser till you mention it lol.

  3. I had to keep reminding myself its a cruiser lmao who else?

  4. If it was main line it would be way overpowered …. but as a premium, I think it needs a 10km radar (make it short duration for “balance”)

  5. When i read the title i was like: “no way this is stronger than my kamikaze R”, oh BUT IT DO.

  6. imagine assigning Yamamoto on this

  7. Is that a Tenryu on steroids while inhaling crystal meth?

  8. This ship was part of the Founders Edition pack on console in 2019. No surprise that I got my first kraken in it.

  9. Its a QUUAAAAAKEN! Plus 1.

  10. When you have the iwaki a, but don’t play anymore…. yikes.

  11. Still pissed that I missed out on getting one as back when I was in the alpha test my internet was shit and I was in college at the time and didn’t have much time to play in the first place.

  12. When they give impressive stats for a cruiser to a hull which is more like that of a DD, you get this thing. OP indeed

  13. I was kinda expecting you to rage like hell when the cv stile your kraken

  14. My buddy has this thing. I missed getting it by literal days. When we used to play together and he picked this ship… it was just disgusting. I don’t think there was ever a time when he picked it that we actually lost and he didn’t finish first on team. Its a very powerful ship.

  15. I definitely got owned by one of these one game. I was regrinding a DD line and it was an all Tier 4 game, and suddenly I was spotted with hydro. I had to look up what this ship even was.

  16. So basically they took a tier 9 destroyer, gave it a citadel, and called it a tier 4 cruiser.

    • it’s just that this tier 4 cruiser came first.

    • @xela 63 right. I’m not saying that it’s based on an actual tier 9 destroyer. I’m just saying it seems to have the capabilities of one.

    • Well, when this was put in the game all DDs had citadels. So it’s more like they took a high-tier destroyer and just changed the icon. Removal of DD citadels didn’t happen for a couple months after this hit the game.

  17. Comrad-idea-man: “Lmao what if if we made a tier 6 DD but with a citadel, and then get this… we put it at tier 4!”

  18. 9:43 “Wunga munga show you a mosindis” That can’t be legit. Prove me wrong.

  19. > Nerf it because it’s Japanese
    > Put a Russian flag on it and call it a day

    WG: *sweats indecisively*

  20. Can’t believe you hadn’t discovered this beautiful little ship before one of the best in tier. Low profile makes it difficult to see and hit, accurate guns deadly when used against lightly armoured broadsides with long range torps that the oppo forget about! Great brawler too.

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