Most Satisfying World of Warships Moment Nominee

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Sometimes you just get that super satisfying moment and you feel JUSTICE.

Not that any particular opponent deserved to be smited but you know what I am referring to 😉

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. “You’ve betrayed me dildo!” – Flambass, 2022.

  2. ooh that kill on conqueror was epic

  3. -Conqueror- Conquered!

  4. Whole HP bar gone in two salvos. Now that’s a paddlin’!

  5. That’s the difference between a good player and me… Having the discipline to wait for the right moment to fire in that driveby situation.

    • why would anyone in a conq even try to brawl a borg in the first place…committing was huge mistake

    • Yup, you’d be lucky to get a single citadel with the conqueror.. French turtleback isn’t great, but still a massive 1 up from the British above atmosphere citadel.

    • Flambass shouldn’t even do that, he should shoot the conqueror a few volleys using the reload booster before the last moment just in case if he wasn’t this lucky

  6. face it you shines in WoWS, keep playing it

  7. Stop it, Flambass! You almost make me want to play this shit game again. Almost.

  8. He out-colonized the colonizer

  9. 5:40 This is what your here for gents

  10. How can you have 7 citadels? Is it a special spot?

  11. this is the great Flambino in action

  12. I can see why this is satisfying, but honestly the title made me assume there would a dev strike of a cv.

  13. Waverley Journalise

    A *steel camo* Conqueror going for the drive by? What the hell had he been smoking?

  14. What play style does Flambass have…. Cautious until either brazen heroics or sheer troll audacity is needed I think. But always well informed.

  15. Had similar happen with a yam while I was in my Monty… he tried to drive by me as well at a range of less than 5km…

    Full health Yamato
    1 salvo
    6 Cits, 2 pens, the rest hit but didn’t count
    ZERO Health Yamato :))

    Yes, easily the most satisfying moment in WOWs in all my time of playing WOWs

    • I have done it in my Jean Bart to a Musashi, Must have been a new player because they went full broadside, I’m like are you kidding me? I have reload booster and you are doing that WTF?
      Deleted them and then comes the chat saying I am using hacks and will be reported, It’s almost a compliment at this point. lol
      I swear 50% of players beyond Tier 8 these days should not be playing above Tier 8, Skill levels I see are around T6 yet they are playing T9 and 10.
      WG needs to add a learning curve or something where you can’t advance until you reach a certain win rate per class, Make it 50% for T10 as what I am seeing now is ruining matches for the team, Players with less than 40% doing stupid things you expect to see at T6 and under.

    • @Shane Mc Grath Yeah my guy hack raged in chat too.. I was 45 to his bow as I came around an island and so close the front turrets were broadside to him, the rear were straight punch thru the nose.. no way with 12 guns he was living thru it but he knew I was there and still put himself in the position and then hack rages.. loser.

      Flambass and some others actually compared how long it takes to get to t10 now, vs when he and at least I started playing long ago.. it can be done now in less then 100 battles…. SMDH

      Although, in some respects I also like it.. since it gives us cannon fodder like this at the high tiers to do this type of stuff too 🙂

      Overall though, it’s a PITA as you are right, it leads to crappy short matches that are not really fun. PArt of hte reason Flambass does not play as much anymore.

  16. 74,000 XP in one shot. I gotta do that some time.

  17. @Flambass, I started playing wows legends since this January and today was my first BB (New Mexico) First blood, high calibre, confederate, close quarters, dreadnought all in one game. Just wanted to thank you because you really teach how to Play and you thought me how to have loads of fun in this game.

  18. At the point where the conq was pre aiming like crazy in the drive by you knew if you hadnt already that hes a superpotato.

  19. not only was that delete satisfying, you capped all the bases before the last enemy was killed, which is also satisfying

  20. That’s why I only play in coop. I’m not good on random and people are really excited to let me know about it. Bots are less toxic 😅

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