Moving Your Battleship for Profit | World of Warships Legends

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Gameplay review and commander build guide for the French Battleship Jean Bart in World of Warships Legends (WoWs Legends) available on PlayStation and Xbox.



  1. Jean Bart… push flank, tank..
    Best bh in the game

    • I think at tier 7 and lower yes, but with so many legendary tier ships in the game, it’s suffered relative to others. I’d rather be in Iowa matched against legendary tier.

  2. Funny how moving is necessary to a crossfire! Good point as well that black hole is CV defence. Unfortunately thats a strat now that the game occasionally rewards. Otherwise bad move.

  3. the island on A that you can see through is not a gator mouth. It is actually the spinal cord of a giant Spartan soldier. You can make out the Spartan helmet at the top of the Spinal cord.

  4. Ah, the glorious occasion of a well played JB. Great video.

  5. People really underestimate the numerical advantage fights in this game. That is how you lose fights on flanks that you should ideally dominate. Well played by both Conquerors

  6. Great video! I don’t often play the Jean Bart, but when I do that’s how I play it

  7. It should be mandatory to watch your videos especially how to play destroyers the amount of idiots I play with is insane makes it impossible to win even when you have a great game 🤯👍

    • So true, Tbull is the man definitely my favorite CC.

    • You made an interesting point about mandatory watching of Tbull’s videos but it wouldn’t do any good because people interpret things differently anyway.

      Watching a video and learning from a video is two different things.

      This is a very good channel but there is nothing Tbull does here that’s that fundamentally different/better than other channels. In my experience the majority of channels devoted to this game demonstrate the same philosophy, fundamentals, dynamics and ship characteristics very well. They all generally complain about the same issues.

      The difference is within the channel’s personality and presentation style.

      Many of them, including Tbull have been pointing out the same problems for roughly two years regarding random players.

      The message has become a broken record by now because random players are going to play this game the way they want to 100% of the time. We will always have zero control over that dynamic. It’s a waste of energy in letting something like that get under one’s skin.

      What we can control is what we do with ourselves for the team, in the hope that it will be enough to help the team win the match.

    • @Moony The Loony I always do what I can to win the game doesn’t make it any less frustrating when they do nothing ie spot ships launch torpedos cap flags but thanks for the Harry Potter read 😂👍

    • @James Mcclaren

      You’re very welcome James. 😜

  8. Good video, informative as usual.

  9. A play that every one who misuses the jb should see.

  10. I started playing this game in the middle of the JB campaign. Just missed it by a little bit. Wish I had spent the doubloons for the ship. Just started to late in campaign 😂 great play

  11. you’re the only player I watch who really understands positional play tactics. It’s taught me to play better. Many times I say to myself, “What would TBull do?”
    And my girlfriend goes, “Who the fuck is TBull?’. 😃

  12. Ah, carefully aggressive battleship positioning and defeat in detail, all in one.
    What a majestic sight

  13. Will you make a clan in future, Tbull? 🤔

  14. The title of this video sounds like a Finance Seminar hosted by a ship captain who sells battleships on Wallstreet.

  15. You mean to tell me that Jean Bart can go forward?! WHAT A REVELATION!

  16. I didn’t know that bug with reversing with speed boost, Thanks. But this game has more and more bugs that they don’t intend to fix. Aiming, short landing shells, sure it’s a minor issue, after all, this game is not all about shooting …

  17. I have a question, I feel as though recently Radar is becoming a pain in the bum, I’ve been spotted a few times, both on AI Battles and Standard, by various ships in close proximity to my destroyer, I think, ships such as, Nurnberg, Emerald, earlier today the Konigsberg and Giulio Cesar etc all of this would be fine, except I’ve checked the tech tree, they don’t have radar as a standard consumable choice, what am I missing, special commanders, some kind of updates that clearly haven’t worked on my end?? It’s been happening more

  18. I’m gonna be losing profit whenever they decide to put the Lenin in the store lmao

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