MUSASHI || 270K Damage 8 KILLS || World of Warships

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  1. first comment as usual ???☠ kill them all

  2. Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

    Yamasushi and Musashimi – both extremely squishy – but lethal at the same time under the right hands… Also notice the shot from the Alsace and Missouri – hitting Yammies infamous cheeks at 45 degrees at 5:38 and 10:52…
    Honestly when a Yamato class – goes against a team of T8-T7 battleships with hit-ableCitadels (unlike the Germans) – expect carnage.

    • When Battleships were designed the biggest worry was Immunity Zones and distance.
      The only time I read something about Angling was during the design process of HMS York and Exeter.
      And that’s when the designers tried to justify installing a 76mm belt on those ships.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Well… about immunity zones – they don’t exist in the game… We have a range compression in the game – which is acceptable – but I believe wg fails to also compress the actual shell ballistic of shells.
      Essentially shells travel TOO flat 90% of the time in game – the result…
      is that IJN and USN BBs – cant utilise their Immunity zones…
      And German BBs are citadel proof – since shells travel too flat and don’t plunge enough (unless you get an underwater pen, lolpen the bow or snipe at 13km+).
      which is why German Turtleback >>>> All or Nothing.

    • tamenga88: “410mm belt and 229mm deck SQUISHY?”
      Dude, one of the fundamental basics of this game is that armour THICKNESS and armour LAYOUT are two completely different things. Yamato/Musashi have overall the thickest armour of all BBs in the game, but they also have the easiest to hit citadels of all T9-10 BBs, making them exactly that – squishy.. As already explained, you don’t even need to shoot their broadsides to citadel them, the angled front part is easy enough to hit:

      Also stop talking about historical design. That doesn’t always work well in this game, as in this example.

    • Nikoolix

      You seem to be off your meds.
      Take your chill pill regularly as directed by your psychiatrist.

    • tamenga88 Aaaand there came the personal insult from the loser who can’t come with correct arguments to prove his point. How original, wow very impressive. 🙂 How about trying to prove me wrong instead of spewing random insults, dumbass? What was wrong of what I said about the armour?

  3. Everyone kept on sailing broadside… what did they think was going to happen???

  4. 15 second reloads WTF?

    • The OlaJohn If I recall correctly you need “only” T8. And besides, that information is still available in the game even if you don’t have a T8-10 ship. What’s more, it’s important to know about this commander because it can be used on any Japanese ship. The guy who asked (tamenga88) also came with a completely pointless personal insult instead of just admitting that he was uninformed.

    • Risheen Mukherjee

      You didnt really need to call him annoying. You didnt have to go out of your way to make a pretty pointless comment. As for admitting he was uninformed, isn’t it obvious? Are you expecting an apology or something?

    • Risheen Mukherjee exactly my thoughts..

    • Nikoolix yes and that means that he isn’t a nice person either. You don’t need to lower yourself to his level, be the exemplary person and show him that he is the one who’s impolite.

      Now to the commander, you may be right but last time I looked at his missions I had the idea that majority of the missions need to be concluded by tier 10 ships, but it might have changed or Ive been wrong.

    • Risheen Mukherjee

      The OlaJohn its t8 to t10 ships, but some missions are t10 only. With the amount of data in this game already, its really a wonder that everyone would remember every little detail. Its just not possible. Cant we just relax and play it like a game and not some kind of e-sport? Damn, so many try-hards these days. Its one of the reasons why I never paid any kind of money to the game devs for doubloons or prem time. Its not worth losing your shit over.

  5. Uchuu senkan Muuussaaashiii

  6. I want to see a Yamato and Musashi gameplay together

  7. WisewolfOfAvalon

    lol. the lyon taking 3 volleys at 7km for no cits. must be an easy life.

  8. VOR is dangerous.That BB positioning was so lit.

  9. oh, a VOR player
    kind of expecting this, really

  10. Some really good aim by this player, very well done ?

    • Mickey Holding it’s not good aim, you learn to aim by tier 4 or 5 lol, it’s good dispersion which is complete luck, randomly generated numbers determine where his shells go

  11. pfff couldnt even break 3k:P

    • I think just because win too fast, there’re still have almost 4 mins. Most of 300K breaker were merely fight to the end.

  12. Alexandr Abramovsky

    * RNG and stupid enemies, like in 90’s action movies with Arnold/ Sly/JCVD.

  13. WOW that zooming in & out on the Musashi early on is kinda eye-straining. Liebe Spieler, bitte tu das nicht. Je. 早い段階で武蔵をズームイン&アウトするのはちょっと目が疲れる

  14. Even 10k+ salvos in the Musashi and Yamato have a very ‘casual’ sound. In another BB I’d usually hear the squeaky sound of a full penetration / citadel.

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