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Discussing the recently reveal that Musashi and Kronshtadt would be removed from purchase in 8.0. Hope you have a wonderful and I’ll catch you next time!

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  1. Underbird [former X8X8]

    This hints to the Alaska becoming a FreeXP ship.
    Which I find quite sad – I am still searching for a good purchasable premium ship to cover tiers 9 and 10 (sadly my absolutely favourite, the Le Terrible, turned out to be rather horrible and will not be discounted but removed completely).

    • ​+Underbird [former X8X8]
      well whatever u want…
      premiums arent that important early on. only later they can be important mostly for credit income, like the Missouri which i saved for half a year and bought with fxp, which solved ALL of my credit problems at high tiers…despite skilled play. with maxed credit boosts u can earn 1M-3M credits PER GAME, depending on how good u play.
      well if u didnt get far ahead then starting again isnt that bad…
      u can just focus on first wins and grind your own way.
      having all ships for less than 10k games is actually very good.

    • Jean Bart and Musashi both cover T9 and 10 very very well.

    • cobrazax I have a bit over 3500 battles and have everything including all the FXP premiums ?

      Just wish there was a way to get steel. ?

    • +TheRobbiUno
      u mean u got all ships in the game unlocked???
      steel u get from ranked and clan wars…which helped me get stalingrad and i got enough to buy flint or black too

    • +ArmchairWarrior Yup I only have it for my Mino and find it worth the cost, BUT for money making the MO is it really, pity there isn’t a cruiser like it so it would be fun as well 🙂

  2. I just hope that the Alaska will indeed be a free xp ship.

  3. Thanks for being so true, voicing our concerns, caring for us, your integrity is all that matters next to your great commentary as always enjoyed! +1
    Any ideas on the upcoming Brittish CVs? Would love to see a video dedicated to the Brittish CVs/ What unique traits should they have in your opinion?

  4. Just got Kronshtadt. To be completely honest, I don’t thing it’s all that great and certainly not worth the 750k Free XP I paid for it. It’s not nearly the awesome buy as the Missouri. The Jean Bart is far far better.

    The only real benefit to these odd Tier 9 Premiums is they are ATM machines.

    • it’s an amazing ship. one of the most fun ships in the game. takes time to learn to get the hang of it.

      it’s citadel is hard to hit.

      it plays like a mini battleship

    • Kronshtadt was better before Stalingrad came out, and yes I know Stalingrad is T-10, but still same ship except for bow armor. I had strong games with it, and the guns were more accurate, and citadels came more often than now. I feel WG nerfed Kronshtadt which makes me feel cheated. Alabama over Mass. is another one. Thanks for letting me chime in.

    • Dont like the Krontrash aswell. I did way better with the Dimitri.
      Kronstadt got troll dispersion, you shoot at a cruiser for three overpens and get stomped by all HE spam and BB AP coming in return.
      Furthermore cruiser captains dont really fit to her, because she needs a anti fire build with expert marksman on top, or she melts very fast in this dakka dakka meta. Nothing that cruisers need, they need things like demolition expert.
      Thats one more reason why i regret spending my 750k for her. I had no russian premium and wanted a captain trainer for my cruisers…
      Well, i better grind the last 15k coal for the Musashi. Cause im not interested in the Jean Bart and french gimmick ships at all 😉

    • +Feanor n Yea she works better with Battleship captain skills. Unfortunately, RUS doesnt have a BB line. I just threw Ovechkin in there, with his boosted EM. Now i just need to grind out the anti-fire skills. I still really like her even with a 10 point captain, when i get her tank skills setup, she’ll be even more of a monster. And ill have a RUS BB captain ready for when that line gets in.

      Im gonna try for buying Musashi with coal too. If you get all coal boxes, you make atleast 1200 a day. Im about 38k away, 2 months should work for me.

    • No, I won't tell you my name.

      +K Sports Cards Breaks I’ve got Mushi, Kron, and Missouri, and I’ve still got well over a million FXP waiting for Alaska. It doesn’t always take money. It does take a lot of grinding.

  5. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Well the artificial scarcity is something that they had done before Is there really a need for Musashi and Kroshtand to be removed? I think not The Musashi is a 9,5 ship sure and maybe in good hands OP but it still has its flaws The Kroshtand is a poor man Stalingrad and I don’t get why they remove it If they fear they are too popular, add more ships for variety IJN Maya for example would be a nice addition as a tier 9 4×2 Atago with better AA and radar at the expense of one less turret and a bit less concealment We need more ships and if possible free xp ones Simple as that And please add Alaska already I don’t think it needs much more test
    As a side and personal note I did send you the forum topic of the Imperial German BC and BB tree to the email for replay submissions Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on it

  6. bart van herrewegen

    We here in Belgium can’t get containers anymore they have been found illegal in my country…so not fair for us…

    • Why!? Have you guys in Europe lost all your rights?

    • No, if you haven’t heard the news you know that Belgium had outlawed any and all kind of lootbox mechanics in the game. I hope all game devs have better offerings soon.

    • bart van herrewegen

      Cus teaching gambling to kids is wrong?I mean to be fair what EA did was pure aids and i get why they said no to pay to win lottery loot box crap from EA. But the reason they have no said it it illegal is because EA said we don’t care for Belgium laws and so my country said oh really? ok , we will just make it illegal for EVERY game developer then and if they as we just point them towards you… The whole thing came up cus a few kids spend 100’s of euro’s trying to get some sort of loot from EA boxes playing star wars battlefront and it went from there and war gaming promoting loot boxes didn’t fell in good terms either cus of that +Randy Maatta

    • VPN should work

    • +Randy Maatta Belgium passed a law against gambling via lootboxes.

      Yes, it’s stupid. If somebody wants to gamble, they should be allowed to.

  7. removing the old ones will hide the fact that the new ones will be much more expensive.
    Yep, complete BS, but since it is WG, is anyone really surprised and not expecting such behavior?

  8. At this rate we should be getting premium shells any day now.

    Maybe they should make a Missouri B with normal credit earnings and see if it is as popular.

  9. I really don’t mind if they move all the future T9 premiums to Coal, if they also implement an ability to purchase Coal with Free XP. I think that it would be a win-win for both us and for WG as they’d definitely sell more Doubloons to facilitate more Free XP being converted.

  10. “Why you have to be so anti-consumer?”
    We are talking about WARGAMING… ?

    • Seamus Harper exactly, they never learnt from their Bolshevik history.

    • +Mickey Holding Well, they kinda over-compensated… now they are extreme capitalistic and try to milk their consumers of every penny. And the worst thing is, the russian consumers see spending alot of money as prestigious, so they don’t mind the it… ?

  11. The coal currency wouldn’t be so bad if a) things weren’t so damn expensive, or b) the accumulation rates weren’t so slow.

    • Coal is basically their time-wall economy, further incentivizing or encouraging players with less patience or time to grind, to instead spend money like what they did with Jean Bart. To further dig in that knife and twist, they made Jean Bart’s money sale only for a limited time (already expired), further pressuring people on the fence to decide at the time — $$$ or wait and hope Jean Bart is still here when they finally save up enough coal.

      At this rate, Jean Bart will probably not be around if you were to start saving up coal now.

    • +azraelswrd – Indeed, I understand the concept and, in some ways, it makes sense. Too easy to get, then no one spends money – and as a (theoretical?) FTP game, they have to encourage people to spend money somehow.
      BUT, I think that if someone wanted to grind like a sonuvabitch to get the coal, they should be able to. Current system has significant diminishing returns on play time after 37,500 xp.

  12. Kaltenstein Müller

    remove Musashi and kronstadt all together, just bring back Mighty Money

  13. This is a dirty move by wargaming. Nerfing tech tree ships to make premium counterparts seem stronger (alsace nerf then Jean bart premium).

    • +rly nis he is saying they are making pay to win, so if you want to be competitive you are increasingly pressured into buying premium ships.

    • You’re not *forced* to buy. Technically you could also just play 1 rank 4 game for each rank 10 game, that could also make you enough credits to break even. Or you play super unicum in T10, then you also break even. Unfortunately while I would love to be able to say that I can carry T10, I really can’t. But all my friends play exclusively T10 since they bought premium camos and they immediately make around 500k credits per T10 game, without premium account. Or you buy premium account and kiss your sorrows goodbye.

    • Don’t forget Yueyang.

    • Only t9 bb what I did not sell and ofc they nerf it. Glad i did not buy prem camo to Alsace

    • There’s that powercreep i’ve been smelling.

  14. I have been grinding freexp from the start. No premium account. Lately I got my freexp to 250k, and as the CV rework goes they said that you can trade in the whole line, what you have, for freexp, which would give me a grand total of 750k. Aaaand what do I hear now? That all this grind was for nothing. Most probably the new ships are going to be like Jean Bart- no freexp option. So what I have now is literally no future if I’d like to buy the Musashi. I am at Amagi right now and I thought a tier IX japanese battleship would be a great choice. BUT NO. Wargaming as usual have to destroy everything so that players who don’t like spending all of their money on prem account are left alone. Now I will have to grind coal, which means by the time i get enough, they will remove the other ships too. Nice.

    • There is a rumor that the Alaska will be 1,000,000 FXP, but it’s only a rumor. It could be 750 FXP or even some large amount of coal.

    • Lol me too grinding for that Mush!! An for not now….

    • Well, as far as WG are concerned it is working as intended. If you don’t run a premium account and spend money, then they don’t care about you, because you are not making them any money.

  15. The sad thing about this whole thing, Notser, is that you and the other CC’s and testers that are trying to make the game and community better with your feedback and work are the only ones trying to do that, because WG certainly is not. Something that became apparent to me before I quit a year and a half ago was this exact thing. That WG has zero interest in making a good game and community, the only thing they want is money. Now a business should make money obviously, but many other businesses combine making money AND providing a good product and caring about their customers. WG, from this and other decisions and actions in the past, clearly has no interest in that.

  16. This is a constant issue with WG. Way back when, before WoWS, Premium Tanks were kind of set so they’re better than a fresh tech tree tank, but not quite as good as a fully upgraded tank – ie the Cromwell Berlin is better than a base Cromwell, but the upgraded Cromwell is better. We started WoWS with a similar view – the Kamikaze/Fujin were not quite as good as the Minekaze – they were slower, not as agile, different turret arcs, and… ummmm… worse AA – though with the IJN torp nerf, they now reign supreme over the Minekaze as they still have the pre-nerf torps to make up for their slight deficiencies. Tirpitz was a torp-BB, whilst Bismarck was a secondary nightmare with hydroacoustics – but then Tirpitz got a secondary buff, making it the Bismarcks equal.

    Now this whole Premiums being slightly inferior to tech tree ships/tanks was generally acceptable, because you could use untrained commanders/crew but get their skill benefits, and they earned more credits, and in some cases xp/crew xp. But over the intervening years, premiums have become the equals of tech tree ships/tanks, add the commander and income benefits and, you’re right, why would anybody play anything but a premium ship/tank? The only reason to play the Iowa is to unlock the Montana – though to be fair, you could free xp unlock the Montana, so maybe not so much need to play Iowa.

    At this point maybe I’ll just free-xp the unlock for the Yamato, and pass on the 750kxp needed for the Musashi.

    • the Tirpitz needed that biff since even other T8 BB’s secondaries where longe range. as is Tripitz I think has less AA

    • main difference is you can always get the yammy, they won’t remove it from the game, but the musashi will be gone

    • I skiped the last 100k on the Izumo with free XP, because it was a horrible experience. Two months later WG finally buffed Izumos armor…

  17. Musanix - World of Warships

    The only reason I found for Musashi and Kronshtadt removal is that maybe wargaming wants to put stress on peoples who don’t know if those ships are worth the free xp
    By adding a dead line and announce their removal, I’m pretty sure somes peoples will spend money on them BECAUSE they’re scared to not have enough free xp for getting them in time

    • Yep, same reason why they sold Jean Bart for $$$ only for a limited time — buy now or grind later. Now with Mushi and Kron getting pulled, I expect JB to get pulled once “it gets too popular” when really it’s just a sales tactic.

    • What do you think Notser? Are these ships worth the free experience or are they trying to get people who are saving it for the Alaska to use it on the Musashi and Kronstadt.

    • Silent Assassin Gamer

      They did the same thing with the Missouri as well

  18. Man they could just make a rotation like removing musashi for a few update and make the Missouri available and then make the musashi available and removing Missouri again to make it obtainable for everyone

    • They want to push/sell power creeping/leaping new ships with ever increasing sales prices to justify the power increments

    • They can even rotate the Arsenal one in a while too

    • I’d be very surprised if Musashi *doesn’t* rotate back in later. As for Missouri, they’ll probably do something like Wisconsin instead, which would be statistically identical to Missouri but with the lower credit-earning multiplier of Musashi.

  19. humm… Pay to win. Just wait for gold rounds.

  20. If Alaska is coal only I’m going to be pissed for real.

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