Musashi Last Minute Changes Make it a Good Buy – World of Warships

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Some last minute to the have sent everyone in to a Tizzy. The bottom line is that at 750K with a 30 second base reload, the Musashi is a . Nay, a great buy. If Slow moving BBs with large hit pools and big gunsa re your thing that is.


  1. Any release date yet?

  2. Sweet, glad i didnt blow my free exp on other things yet

    • +Dickens Cider She won’t be to everyone’s liking. IJN BBs are an acquired taste, but with mods and perks her reload will be sub 30 sec. the poorest dispersion is necessary. Without it in T7 battles she’d be super OP.

    • You are absolutely correct.

      I never bought the Mighty Mo because i have 150 million plus credits and never really played the US line other than the premuim ships i got out of crates.

      I will wait and see how things progress once the Mishi is released and what you think of it then.

      Enjoy the content man

    • I got the Mo even if I’m a Cruiser Main, have 130+ Million Cr, and have no intention of ever playing her. Simply because while I still can, I will add her to the fleet.
      Probably end up doing the same with the Musashi too, when I have enough Free Exp.

  3. At the end of the day, it’s just a Yamato at T9. You’re wasting 750,000 free exp on the chance you might face T7s. Most of the time you’ll be up against T10s. It’s a Yamato, but worse. Musashi sits higher in the water compared to Yamato and has weaker aa.

    • NoZoupForYou confirmed in game, if you trust Flamu at least (and I do). It doesn’t print credits like the MO though. Save up the free exp and get yourself a Yamato. At the end of the day, that’s what the Musashi is. At least Missouri had something special over the Iowa. Musashi brings big guns to T9. Just wait one more tier and you’ll get that at the Yamato. I suppose it’s better than the Izumo though.

    • +Benjamin Mao Gotcha.. no, hadn’t seen that but I believe it. Thanks.

    • Benjamin Mao absolutely corect comparing to Missouri he is waste Musashi

    • If I remember it correctly, it’s the playstyle that gives less credits, not ship itself.

    • If you don’t have the FXP laying around and are planning on spending some money to convert, I would just grind up to the Yamato and buy the premium camo. Like Flamu said, it won’t print credits like the Mo. In addition, you’re getting worse AA and a worse sigma (1.8 for Yamato and 2.1 for Musashi).

  4. Hey Zoup, I have enough free XP for either Missouri or Musashi, not both at this time. Which one should I grab? I’m struggling with this. Also for Context: I have TX and AZ but no Japanese premiums. Also, great playing with you the other day. You were in Baltimore on Tears of the Desert epicenter. LTC_Tiger

    • Without any doubt you should get the Missouri. Overall it is a better ship. It is the Swiss Army knife of BBs. Great guns, high speed, good stealth, wicked AA, awesome radar, and an incredible credit making modifier (I have made 1.2 mil on a lose and nearly 2 mil on a win). She is good against other BBs, amazing at paddling cruisers, makes DDs run like roaches when the radar is up, and is a near no fly zone for CVs. Great boat!!

    • “Which one should I grab? I’m struggling with this.” – then I have bad news for you.

    • Buy the Mo. DO IT.

    • Missouri its the best option i have and i love it its an amazing ship for me is the best investment that i have done in all game

    • “Plus if you don’t get it soon, its gone forever” Where did you get that nonsense from?

  5. TheGuardianofAzarath

    I’m on the fence about the musashi, I’ve got the MO, and the Mutsu, and i have almost 690k or so locked on my ships (about 27k gold worth), but if the mush doesn’t have the credit income than the mo has, why would anyone pick that over the Yamato with it’s prem camo? Especially since most of the time, you’re more likely to face tier 10s than tier 7s.

    • TheGuardianofAzarath Even if Musashi has the same modifier as Missouri, Musashi will earn less credits on average. Musashi had Yamato game play, more focused on hitting BBs and cruisers where Missouri can hit DDs and sometimes, Missouri would charge into smokes with radar.

    • yes it seems their credit modifer is similar

  6. Iv went from 0 to nearly 450k free xp since around Christmas. I own the Missouri have since last spring I own the Nelson and im about 200k xp from unlocking the Yamato so for me it’s a no brainer I’m getting the Musashi I play BBs 75% of the time and in no aircraft carrier games this thing will be a awesome. In aircraft carrier games it will be like the Nelson I waste of a set of flags.

    • SithLordmatthew how do you earn so much

    • division with DM and u will be fine

    • Combo of Good Camo and all the good flags I’m getting about 3000 free xp a game on ships like the Gneisenau its my best trainer ship I have a 19 point admiral and often see 20000 commander xp a game in her. For credits Missouri is the champ iv seen as good as 2mill but 700k-1.2 mill is the norm on good games.

  7. In my opinion 30 seconds reload on musashi is too fast, with 97.3k hitpoints and 14.8k max damage it’s definitely too strong, compared to MO with 78k hitpoints, 30 second reload and 13.5k max damage

    • Dont this YT replays full you about easy damage in Mushashi they always put best replays for YT for viewers,i have Yammato long ago,not evry batlle is 200K damage,and with 1,8 sigma Yammy have 2,1 it is noticeble different in Yammy favore,,,and yea Yammy shells also crash and bounce even on Tier 8 New Orleans,mostly it is streight damage with that 460 mm shell but sometimes can get so trolly that you ask you self it is Yammi or some low tier BB!!

    • In exchange Missouri has Radar, stealth and much better speed. Also an insane AA-suite.

    • TheSp3ctr3 you have meh accuracy, a high citadel, and no AA to speak of. Unless you want to completely neuter the ship

    • i agree with you, it’s just little bit too op. How about izumo players? 97.3K HP it’s too strong, maybe 90K fits more than this. It’s nearly as strong as a tier 10 okay?

    • Except that it lacks any proper AA, so even a Kaga will see a Musashi as a huge bag of XP. It lacks the consistent guns of T10 Battleships (either by having a lot of Barrels or, in case of the Yamato, the insane Sigma), and it’s one of two only Battleships at high Tiers with an overwater citadel.

  8. Zoup the WG yes-man…..

  9. I’ve got over a million free xp, so I’m in…

  10. @2:03 “…..I would never spend XP to buy tech tree line ships that you can get for free….save it for Missouri/Musashi”  What the Heck? I need a finances lesson of WoWS.  Ships of a tech tree cost both credits and XP, at less that the only way I know how to obtain the next ship in a tech tree I’m climbing. I don’t understand when NoZoup says “He gets tech tree ships for free”…? Suggesting he earns tech tree ships without spending credits/XP. 
    I don’t understand the big selling point of the Missouri, “It’s a credit earning machine!!”. Big deal, credits are like drops of water in the ocean in WoWS. Just by signing into the game, I seem to earn credits. I have 186 million credits and have no idea where or on what, I’ll ever spend them all. 
    Now, XP…free XP…Ships XP or how many other names it has, is the real valuable currency “Doubloons excluded”.  Let’s say, I can grid 5000 XP, if I invest an entire night in play. Meaning I would need to play 150 nights to earn enough XP to buy the crediting earning machine, The Missouri!!!!  to allow me to earn tons of the one type of currency “credits” that I already have hundreds of millions of…….why?

    • Im not hoarding credits, they have no real life value.I cant find anything to spend them on in game. My question was to see if there was something I was missing in game, as to why I have hundreds of millions of credits. From the answers, there doesn’t seem to be. Seems I’ve a bank roll of credit and don’t need to drop 750K XP to in a Missouri.

    • You can literally farm XP and Free XP, much easier than you can farm Credits. With all the flags mounted I can make 15k normal XP and 10k Free XP in a decent game. That’s because the bonuses for flags are significantly higher than the bonuses for Credits.

    • lastchip
      It seems u intentionally avoid buying high tier ships because of credits. If u bought all high tier ships in the game abs played them a lot, u wouldnt be overflowing with credits. Use them for what they exist for

    • All tier X ships cost ~26 million credits(any ship without modulesupgrades is useless) and you maybe break even with a WIN on a decent game without a premium account. With the ranked reward flag, reduced repair signal and 2 premium consumables + 22.5 k for camo. Tier IX ships cost the same to buy if you count the hull, gun etc.. upgrades. There is your missing math.

    • there are 18 T10 ships now. their cost is more than 30M, without upgrades and modules.
      their play cost is high for most players so u can lose credits. if someone refuses to buy or play high tiers, which are the MAJOR credit sink in this game, he will have a LOT of credits of course.

  11. Tamás Kerecsényi

    Yes please buy the Musashi so i can farm them down with my carriers without losing any planes, yeees buy it 😀 😀 😀 super unicum stats for high tier carriers incoming xD

  12. lame WG ass kisser

  13. Tone on this vid was wierd… Came across like a creepy used car salesman.

  14. Oh wow I was in this match! ExplosiveDumpling.

  15. PickelJars ForHillary

    The Moresushi.

  16. Drossel Von Flugel

    would be funny to encounter this monster in a Colorado or Atlanta

  17. Whats the point of bow tanking in HMS nelson now cause of mushashi

  18. ive got the missouri aleady, think ill just buy the perma camo for the yammy..

  19. Well, my Shima is ready and waiting for new, nice targets 😉

  20. I’m sorry, these things bug me. Hopefully this comment gets buried & only read by Zoup.

    0:26 it’s “works in progress”. “Work in progresses” implies labors in the field of progresses (which doesn’t exist).
    0:38 You _heed_ a warning. “Behoove” could replace the earlier phrase, “It’s very good for”, as in, “It behooves us to heed that warning.”

    Great content, I just had a teacher of English (not an English teacher, as she was an American) who drove things like that into me back in high school. 8-D

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