Musashi Preview and Possible High School Fleet Tie In – World of Warships

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Here are my thoughts on the . You get a in Tier 9. You get ’s Tier 10 guns in Tier 9. You shoot at Tier 7s as a Tier 10 battleship.

Also I talk a little more about and how Musashi might pave the way for another collaboration.


  1. thegreekfirepower[WG-CC]


  2. Majestic Hotwings

    Zoup at 6 in the morning, good way to end an all nighter

  3. 1:00 6 overpens bb rng at it’s best!

  4. I really look forward to facing her in my tier 7 Scharnhorst with it’s 11in guns. Not.

  5. For as much as I’m onto the animes, I’m really not excited for the Haifuri (High School Fleet) thing. The anime was really not that great imo.
    Plot is just stupid, they try to develop too many characters at once and the main character cries too much. Feels like they just wanted to do a Girls und Panzer but with warships but didn’t think further than that.

  6. They already announced a HSF campaign mission things to get a hsf camo for musashi and yamato as well as more capitains

  7. Цветослав Цачев

    I don’t remember the last time I was against tier 7 ships with Missouri. Or other tier 9 ships that constantly face tier 10. This is not a problem for me. Missouri is very different than Montana due to the better concealment and the radar. Musashi is far from Missouri’s success.

  8. the dispersion is atrocious

    • TheGameFilmGuruMan

      1.8 sigma isn’t bad sigma (same as Amagi). It has the same dispersion elipse as Yamato at 274m @26.5 km. Missouri’s dispersion _is worse_. Missouri may have 1.9 sigma, bit that means something like 1% (if that) better groupings in a larger dispersion circle. That’s right, worse. 293m @ 23.35km (that’s right, larger at a shorter distance). If both mount the accuracy upgrade (-11% on Missouri, -7% on Musashi), Musashi is still much more accurate. Here’s a chart of USN vs IJN dispersion ( So no, Musashi’s dispersion is not atrocious (it’s actually very good), but her sigma is brutally…average.

    • what I’m saying is that from the footage above, the dispersion looks terrible. 1.8 sigma shouldn’t be such a big difference, yet the gun just feels inconsistant.

    • TheGameFilmGuruMan

      Fair enough. Some of the problem is that he doesn’t really zoom in on the shots as they land half the time, but his last gameplay looked a bit better for dispersion.

  9. in short, awefull ship. tier 9 makes her op but she isnt special since its a worse yamato.

  10. Tamás Kerecsényi

    This ship is not even close to being a t10, it’s a garbage version of the yamato, which is already the weakest t10 bb, how this ship is a t10? lol, i’m hearing this 460mm guns at t9 against t7, yeah and who gives a shit, tier 7 bbs can already overmatch eachother, 460mm offers nothing there, and the alpha dmg is only a bit more than the Missouri/Iowa with worse reload, crappy accuracy and godawful turret traverse.

    • Tamás Kerecsényi

      PhantomXT the armor profile is pretty bad, massive exposed citadel, all-around weak 32mm armor, higher hull profile than the yamato meaning even more 32mm side armor, and we didn’t even mention the aa yet which is garbage at tier 6 let alone tier 9, the minute carrier meta comes back this thing is gonna be total useless, it’s a fine ship atm at best but not future proof at all, and looking at the absurdly ridiculous 920k freexp price tag this ship becomes even more of a joke.

    • It’s hard to say Yamato is the weakest T10 bb, and i disagree with this opinion. It’s deck shatters every HE shell from cruisers, it’s guns make mincemeat out of everything. Just because it’s less retard proof than every other t10 bb doesn’t mean it’s the worst one

    • Tamás Kerecsényi Granted, the AA department is not where she excels, but she has to be weaker in comparison to her Tier X counterpart if she’s to be found a tier lower (her rate of fire is slightly diminished as well, but that is offset by the fact that she can encounter Tier VII ships and her very good health pool).

      Now, there’s no way around the exposed citadel; however, it is very well protected by a thick belt and some nice turtle-back armor. Her deck protection is also worth noting, and her turrets are very well armored too.

      Indeed, from the looks of it, she’s meant to be an attractive target for aircraft carriers. Although a way to compensate for this weakness is to stay with a group of ships which will most certainly have a better AA screen than her. And considering she’s a battleship, she may be around friendly ships most of the time.

      The XP cost is ridiculous, yes. But it’s up to you to invest that much XP for a single ship.

    • You end up tier 10 most of the time anyway, so being able to troll tier 7 ships could not be the real deal.
      What this ship propably can do, is shitting credits. If it is half as good as making profi as the Missouri is, you will probably take out the Musahi more often as the Yamato if you have the choice between them. Another deal of Premiums is, that you can use them perfectly to retrain your captains.

    • “The minute carrier meta comes back” pffff. WTF is carrier “meta” even? Seeing more than 1 in 20 games? Nobody gives a fuck about AA any more. Hydro, spotting aircraft, fire prevention etc etc… 10 times more consistent choices than AA on ANY ship.


  12. Talks about anime like it is diesase

  13. 11:06 …

    …it is highly likely that you’re a furry, too.

  14. I think what I dislike most about Musashi is the fact that it’s just (as it stands now in January) a mehbote. Poor sigma and AA, but you get guns that can be outrun by a glacier.

    Worse still is I will find the time to grind out and purchase her because I have a strong desire to collect “underdog,” or forgotten, ships..

  15. YES MORE ANIME CONTENT IN WOWS! Cant wait for the special camo!

  16. LOL one of the players still believe that there are repair costs in game and haven’t learned that there is a fixed maintainence cost completely independent of damage to the ship despite being introduced like a year or so ago..

    • Well even though is fixed value, the repair cost and resupply cost still can make people not profit even they did their best

    • But the only thing that will earn them credits is by playing good, hiding and camping will only make it worse for them.

  17. Less versatility than Missouri, prints a lot less credits and costs a lot more to obtain? Nope. Not worth it. Just get Yamato.

  18. Why won’t it print credits like the Missouri?

  19. i hate overpen :/

  20. Fog_Cruiser _Pensacola

    I’d rather have the Missouri, WG let’s make a Shit T9 BB good idea, raised Citadel on a Already Shitty Yamato, why would I spend that much XP I couldn’t tell you, ok overmatch, ok T7s face T9s who can do that to them anyway, shot Overmatch happens at T7, T8 can overmatch all T7s ok, okay cruises get Citadel by all battleships why would a battleship with 460 mm guns make any difference? This is obviously just working wargaming trying to make more money.. end rant

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