MUSASHI the premium YAMATO || 300K || World of Warships

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  1. Hab sie mir vor paar Tagen geholt….. krasse Umstellung wenn man sonst nur Franzosen BBs gewöhnt ist ^^ – Geiles Schiff, haut richtig rein wenn du triffst, aber die Missouri hätte ich mir lieber geholt, alleine wegen den Credits 🙁

  2. 側面都給敵人打

  3. That amount of credits is just sad.

  4. Missouri could have made 2 mil if he had prem acc and a credit flag 🙂

  5. MUSASHI the only T10 BB that be placed in T9 by WG , the rudder even better than Yamato,

    or you can say, Yamato the only T9 BB that be placed in T10 by WG

    WG pls put yamato in T9, and make another IJN T10 BB

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      No, Yamato should stay in T10. Instead Yamato should have a Hull B – turning her to Super Yamato.

      Carrying 2×3 510mm 45cal guns, Citadel Belt is 460mm and Deck at 230mm. With 12 x 2 100mm 65cal guns. 30 Knot speed (as her Steam Turbines are replaced with Diesel Turbines.) Double Rudder system for improved rudder-shift. Improved torpedo bulges – covering the main belt above waterline and lastly improved torpedo bulkheads, especially connections between the upper and lower belts.

      But if this happens (highly unlikely).
      Then WG should give Kurfurst aka H-42 her intended armament of 480mm 52cal. Along with the USN Montana carrying experimental guns of Mk9 457mm 48cal with theoretical Mk 9 super Heavy Shells. Battlecruiser HMS Incomparable (with improved armour) carrying 2×3 BL 20inch / 508mm 45cal guns should also join as a T10 ship.

      While the H-44 with its huge size – is suited for T11 with it’s 2×4 508mm 52cal guns. Which could have easily carried the German experimental gun monstrosity of the 21inch/ 533.4mm 52cal (the largest Gun to possibly ever mount on a ship).

  6. 500k credits ? i think i shouldn’t buy Mushashi

    • Something is a miss here, I have Musashi and had a game last night, did 134k dmg, without premium or any credit boosters and I still made just over 500k credits and had a 780k credit game with 177k dmg… Not sure what happened here but this ship does make credits…

    • There is indead something wrong with the credits in this game. I get always way above 500k credits even in a bad game. That is without any flags. I do have premium account though. In good games I get almost 1kk or higher.

    • That I understand, due to work & family I only buy premium on the weekends and then I average 500K – 800K for average games but still I’ve been getting 400k – 500k easy without flags or premium on losses… Not sure how 300K damage gives 500k but it might be due to the fact that raw damage alone wields very little?

    • I do know that dealing 10k damage to a bb gives the same result as doing 1k against a dd. Xp and maybe also credits is calculated by the percentage damage done to a ship. That might be te reason why he got that little ammount of credits. Note that he was almost always fighting bb’s.

  7. Мусяся абсолютно ублюдочный корабль, какой мудак его на 9-й левел поставил ума не приложу. Сука надо было 550 калибр давать сразу. По сути ему на 10 самое место по логике разрабов что прем должен быть чуть хуже прокачиваемых.

  8. Is it just me or is this game not that impressive? 2400 base xp is something that I get quite often, especially against t7 mm with an almost t10 ship.

  9. INORA Kurbanbaeva

    Credits wtf

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