Musashi triple dev strike 3 cruisers in 4 minutes || World of Warships

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  1. FlashBack / Striker99

    Reversing + Noobs + Luck = Kill.

  2. Look at those noob enemies who stopped and broadsided in the open

  3. Such a player makes me realize “Don’t act in a childish manner” every time.

  4. muhammad ridwanullah

    Saint-Louis: Spamming lol gay
    Musashi: Send Mega NO U

  5. Gaymeme Virus intensifies.

  6. Spineking Jørgensen

    Not a bad player but really stupid enemies.

  7. Noobs cruisers+luck= D** striker easy easy

  8. 104th_TIGER - GR_TIGER

    WG decided to give him all citadels without dispersion. -_-

  9. Hope wg can optimize the game matching further. Same level of players should play mostly with same level. Team like that enemy team is nonsense

  10. Юрий Ермолаев

    Just because you’re not paying attention to Yamato doesn’t mean Yamato isn’t paying attention to you!!! 😀😀😀

  11. Mushashi with Yamato dispersion

  12. Andrew Potapenkoff

    Few DD’s, no CV’s – good shooting match.

  13. Epic bad enemy team…

  14. LOL I wish I had stationary broadside cruisers in my games

  15. 12-0,super potato enemy team…

  16. That’s a plain battle

  17. Everest Destination

    More I see this kind of game and more it looks like fake to me, enemy keep showing flanks and play like dumbs, I have Musashi with 12 skills points and mine shoot like a wet pistol, spread shells, get in fire every 2 minutes, it looks like a teaser for the game and not a real game…

  18. Screw the team playing like bots, Musashi is a op ship with powerful & very accurate guns perfect salvo shot on a ship & they’re getting blown to smithereens lmaooo

  19. Broadsiding noobs..sitting sill………then trying too reverse….easy kill.

  20. The Musashi is the strongest battleship in tier IX ?

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