Mutsu Battleship | World of Warships Legends Console

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Gameplay replay of Mutsu, the premium tier 5 IJN Battleship in World of Warships WoWs Console, free to play game from Wargaming available on PS4 and Xbox 1. Review and should I buy of the Mutsu.


  1. She’s pretty badly balanced actually in my opinion. Keep up the good work love the vids:)

    • Thanks! How so, in terms of being unbalanced?

    • @Tbull I’d say its unbalanced in the fact of its armour and I guess how they’ve deducted the guns compared to other tier 5/6 battleships but I guess if you play it right it wouldn’t matter about those

    • We’ll, if it were well armored and had tier 6 guns with no pen reduction then it would be pretty OP in the other direction. As is, the trade-off is very high potential damage but high chance to take damage. Seems fine to me so far. Haven’t had a chance to fight one yet though

    • @Tbull yeah your right but I haven’t been against one yet either so let’s see what happens

  2. I think the germans get 1/4 pen with their HE shells instead of 1/6

  3. Well done. Knowing your vulnerabilities is one key to success.

  4. Might be vulnerable, but it’s one hell of a ship! I’ve LOVED playing this ship today! Mind you, I have a different style of play from you Tbull and I play my angles more USN bb like. Best shot of the day was a 4 citadel deletion on a full health Nagato. The AP rounds are simply OP and the HE rounds put up big numbers too. My average game today was around 90-100k damage. The torps are pretty awful… incredibly slow and single fire. But they have their upsides as well especially with a 20 second reload time! I few times today I managed to S turn my ship firing 3 sets of torps as I closed in on someone. The front guns alone are usually enough to get the job done but the torps usually get them to make evasive maneuvers in my benefit. I give it a solid 8/10 I think it’s going to be a great boat to grind credits with.

  5. Been severely burnt (if not actually burned down) often enough in Japanese Battleships that ANYTHING increasing the chance of fire is an emphatic no-no for me. Don’t believe they’re extra-combustible or anything like that. It’s just that setting fire to capital ships, rather than trying to overwhelm them with AP, seems a popular choice for lots of people, especially in the endgame.

  6. Great review Tbull. This is yet again a ship I’ll not be spending my hard earned cash on

  7. Thanks for the review, glad I didn’t waste money on a squishy ship.

  8. very well made and clear cut review, which made me feel good that i got de grasse instead 🙂

  9. Faced one last night and burned her down in my de grasse. Dodge every 25 seconds. Didn’t know how it was so easy until this review. Great work again tbull…right on!
    Edit: I hope to be elite like you and tactic angel and not look at my kills someday…lol

    • Off topic but I was surprised at how many secondary guns I was able to erase from Turpitz with Atlanta . I barely took any secondary fire and his guns were facing the other way . It was sweet !

  10. This is a ship I won’t be buying. I’m still rocking the Arizona! But since it has really mixed reviews it won’t be a very common ship, which I like. Looks like a respectable ship though. IMO, the Arizona is the best tier 5 ship in the game. Which do u like better tbull? Arizona or mutsu?

  11. Nice Ship , Danks

  12. A Mutsu deleted me in my Atlanta yesterday… first time I’ve been caught like that.

    You said you were provided with a sheet giving detailed statistics of the ship?

  13. Do you think they will make the tiers like the pc version 1-10 instead of 1-7

  14. What premium ship would you recommend for lots of credits?

  15. Cheers tbull another great vid think I will wait for next review before deciding to get this ship seems to work same as pc version very weak armour..

    • Yeah, which I suppose can be classified as a problem. High damage is possible, but since angling isn’t as effective as it usually is, getting massive damage games seems to be fairly hard

  16. Another great review. Request: Do a video on consumables. When to use aircraft, sonar, radar, etc.

  17. Thanks for the breakdown, always solid info man!

  18. I am not a big fan of being the pig and someone’s Bar B Que so I most likely will not be spending the doubloons on getting this roaster

  19. so it’s a big , slow cruiser ?

  20. Interesting paint job on the ship. Good review, I’ll go for the Graf Spee and pass on this ship for now.

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