My absolute favorite ship | World of warships

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  1. Carlos Josué Crispin Armenta

    Keep it up bud 😀

  2. Aw the Brindisi, the BAIN of my USS Buffalos existence, and the Alaska (besides the belt armor), and now or soon the Tulsa will exist (tier 9 Des Moines with less gun barrels, typical WG down tier) Poor Buffalo.

    EhHM back on topic, I too like the Italian Cruisers, they SLAP the shit out of DDs (AKA the top of the WoWS most wanted dead list), the smoke screen is a very tactical consumable, and hay the DESIGN of ships doesn’t really change much though the tiers (namely you get 4 turrets, 2 for 2 aft, only real difference is the gun barrels and smoke charges).

  3. On Amalfi right now, since I understood how to play Italian ships, they are really fun. Good game.

  4. Italians cruisers: with each tier, you get one extra turret, higher reload time, worse concealment. Which is probably the reason the Brindsi is the peak of fun on that line.

  5. Can you also include your build?

  6. yeah me in an Iowa. I get that split all the time. RNG does that to me all the time. Doesn’t matter what upgrades/modules/Skills I use it happens.

  7. Italian Cruiser line is very fun !!!! The most fun part is that your SAP instantly slaps anything hard especially DDs !!!
    One tip though Napoli can easily troll other Italian Cruisers as her armor scheme is resistant to SAP !!!

  8. 13:40 – Simply because I played this recently I can state confidently the Gorizia does not have torpedoes. It is a Zara clone that trades torps for hydro.

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