My Best Game In The Best Black Friday Ship! – Massachusetts B

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  1. @StephenGoodman1001

    Hey PQ! I saved up dubs for an entire year and spent all my free dubs on Mass B from direct purchase. Was scared WG would pull her due to FOMO things. Your vids helped guide the purchase, and I’m not disappointed.

  2. Hey! you did almost no damage to a angled guy and then immediately slapped a broadside guy, thats something

  3. @manguelitomonteverde

    I watched your black friday video recommending the massas and I was looking for a tier 8 ship for ranked. I had very few premium ships so I decided to for it. Since I had very few premium ships and I had just received the Marssau in the twitch drop a couple of weeks ago I felt lucky and bought ten black friday containers, I only got the Yoshino B but since its tier 10 it was worth it for 10k doubloons and the next day I bought another 10 containers. This time I got Atago B, Black B, Alaska B, Kearsage B, Mainz B, Graf Zeppelin B, some of the few premiums I had where the Mainz(from drop 3 weeks ago) and the Kearsage. Since I got the missions that was 5k doubloons and next day I bought another 5k doubloons and got 10 more containers. Once again I got lucky and got Pommern B, Jean Bart B and Iwami B. At the end I ended without Massas but now I have several premiums and I can spend some coal on special captains (I only have the ones from campaigns). I’m extremely happy with all the good ships I got and specially the Black B since it was a disappointment for me without a heal 🙁 I was going to spend my coal on it I’m very happy I didn’t I since after playing it I liked a lot more the Kidd than the black.
    Edit: Also now I have a lot of captains at level 10 that will help me alot since I can assign them to other tech line ships.

  4. i decided to get her (massa) over alaska. since i dont play much tier9( i only play t9 ranked with german tech tree ships). such a powerful ship at her own tier and i cant wait to take her to spin in t8 brawls😊i also got cossack btw also an OP DD🤣

  5. Mass is an awesome ship but struggles when bottom tier due to gun range.

  6. I have now bought all the removed ships. Took me a few years. I am also buying some of the tier 8 ships because the discount at that tier is rather nice. Below tier 8 there isn’t much there I particularly want that I don’t already have.

  7. Was pretty lucky. Got her on the 3rd container, just as a “let’s see if I get something fun.”

  8. Weird other people are having great games in this ship lately. This is my most played ship ever. 800 games. I have a near 65% win rate with it. After the last update, the dispersion suddenly got so bad Ive gone from hitting 100k a game to 60. And this is VERY recent change.

    • @mkhululimagugu4760

      Yeah there definitely was some recent changes. Pommerns notorious dispersion kinda disappeared suddenly.

    • Same here, they have silently nerfed the crap out of the sigma at short to medium range.

    • @jarrodhroberson  its very bad now. I can barely play the ship, especially at that short range you are talking about considering the ships main function is a brawler

  9. @Trains-With-Shane

    I’ve been a fan of the Massachusetts since its release. I don’t play it very often anymore but when I do i’m reminded of why I like it. Secondary build of course.

  10. I love the Mass but it feels at though the secondaries are very underwhelming these days

  11. i love mass it last bf from a crate
    i love my pomern..regular not B vers

  12. Always wanted to get the Mass but don’t want to spend the money. Usually get Battle Pass but didn’t this last time. I like it when there’s a premium ship available in it. Thinking about the Mainz though. o7 PQ.

  13. Great game! and a great ship!…her only flaw, is the short range ASW 😔 (The good sub players certainly exploit the heck out of it!)

  14. *She’s AMAZING!* Having said that, I’ve been playing this game a long time. She was my First Black Ship & 3rd Premium, 4th Premium was the OG Mass back when it was available and you couldn’t take a ship right back into battle if it was still in a current match (Sunk) *Love Massa That Much Had To Have Both*
    It is harder to play in the current Meta *Same With German* Secondary/Brawling just isn’t the meta, but for some of us, it’s our favorite play style.

    Digg your vids man

  15. I picked this up not because of your video but because in T8 games, the Massachutsetts is really the only BB that worries me. So far, I really like it. Seems that unlike my Tirpitz, I get less matches against T9s and T10s with this ship.

  16. Bought it a few days ago. It’s tanky but I expected more from secondaries. In T8 I play mostly operations. The Mainz and Zieten are still my favs for T8.

  17. Wanted the Mass. every since I got back into the game because of how good it is + its my local Museum Ship and kind of a pride thing and it’s a really cool ship and you couldn’t of been more right, first 2 games im blowing people out of the water with this thing, WELL worth the $28 I had to pay since I already had some dubloons sitting around. Hate spending the marked up cost but can’t get it any other way

  18. maybe do a side by side comparison in the future featuring both best games in massa A & B

  19. I really like Massa, she’s tough and maneuverable. But her main guns are infuriating. I can only play her so often. You say you don’t like Georgia because she’s a 6 gun BB, but she hits consistently. She has great dispersion and decent sigma, AND she gets the 11% accuracy buff in slot 6. I think I hit more shells per salve in Georgia than I do in Massa.

  20. The new ships or new variants of ships get a temp algorithm tweak in my opinion that not only affects what damage you do but also negates what others can do that you.
    You get more pens and the enemy gets more bounce and overpens ti make you feel as though it was worth the coal,steel, and esp dubs
    Added in edit
    These ship’s probably also get a slightly better temp matchmaking mechanic to be higher tier

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