My Favorite Position in World of Warships ft. Flandre 7 kills 250k dmg

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My best games always seem to happen on this map in this position.

I’m PQ. Hopefully, on this channel, I can teach you a bit about how I play the game. Thanks for watching.

WoWs NA Invite:
WoWs RU Invite:

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  1. Good content, why don’t u post WoWs Legends videos?

  2. Agree PQ. That position is great!

  3. The question MUST be asked what is your Least Favorite Position?
    Someone has to be the skinny old wise ass. .

  4. 9:55 enemy Tirpitz proc Lütjens secondary buff
    PQ with his secondary build Flandre and 244 secondary hits :
    Look what they need to mimic a fraction of our power

  5. Derhesligebonsaibaum

    “69 secondary hit is pretty nice to have” – I see what you did there.

  6. When the caps are on either side that spot in a radar cruiser like DM is disgusting.

  7. Nice job!!

  8. U Can do this with Alsace , its same playstile

  9. Thanks for tip

  10. I dont want to sound mean but.
    What the hell is up with the constant fake laughing?

  11. Uss cl heaven spot

  12. Yo –
    What is that noise between 9:07 and 9:09 lmao

    “*ooo ooo oooooooo*”

  13. Please make another video on world of warships legends

  14. That ship has only one gun more than RIchelieu…. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

  15. Do these tips work on console also?

  16. nooo please now I might have to race someone to this position

  17. This is a really good place for enemy subs to dump torpedoes too.

  18. Finneas McGillicuddy

    Fun Little Fact: Alsace used to have a bug that made its secondaries a lot stronger than intended. The 6″ triple turret just behind the superstructure was insanely accurate. Watch any older Alsace secondary video, watch closely, and you’ll see it. Assuming the shots didn’t hit an armor belt, this one turret increased the damage output of the secondaries by nearly 40% (Yes, I parsed it). Just before the Flandre got released, this bug suddenly got fixed. No patch notes, but its not present in the game any more.

    Also Fun Fact: Bismarck’s two rear 105mm turrets used to not fire over top of the 150mm mount below it. After 6 years, this bug was finally fixed.

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