MY Favorite Way To Play World of Warships

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Too bad it’s more difficult to brawl with every patch.

I’m PQ. Hopefully, on this channel, I can teach you a bit about how I play the game. Thanks for watching.

WoWs NA Invite:
WoWs RU Invite:

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  1. What I like about this channel if that you show both good-bad-decent games.
    I’m kinda tired of seeing super unicums with epic games being toxic AF but not showing when they get rekt.

  2. We’ll see what the Preussen will give considering the secondaries. Hope it’s gonna be good

  3. And WGs solution to “fix” the issue with the Schliffen just being better than the GK is to simply replace the GK. Classic WG logic!😅

    • at least they’re not removing it entirely. wonder how much coal it’ll cost. I’ll probably grind out to research it so I can get it at no cost.

    • [^/] 343 Guilty Spark

      @Malte Mejlstrup wdym itd be a downgrade for that much effort that you are willing to make?

    • @[^/] 343 Guilty Spark I don’t need to buy the ship. just research it then I get it for free when it becomes a special ship. making xp isn’t too hard anyway so grinding for the replacement won’t be too bad as long as I switch it up with other ships from time to time.

    • @Malte Mejlstrup I’ve set aside a chunk of FXP to get the Preussen directly. FDG has about half the likely requirement on her already, so it shouldn’t be a big deal. And if we get another T9 ranked or brawl season I’ll just focus her a little bit.

  4. Ah, secondaries. Still remember the time when Bismarck’s secondaries had longer range and more dpm than an Ognevoi.

  5. If you play german BB and you seee thunderer and cv in your relatively open water flank where u spawned, equals to instant checkmate to you

  6. Much appreciated as you remind us that everybody has bad matches

  7. Its only pitty my Lutjens would be optimal to reset his skill for switch from german BBs to german Battle cruiser
    ..mainly for those limited repair cons.

  8. I appreciate your honest representation of what most “normal” games in a BB are like.

  9. As a fan of secondary battleships and brawling in general I was always on the side of the AP cult, hating on Thunderer, Smolensk and other HE spam players being annoying.. but my opinion has changed. I have been burned down one too many times.
    Why should I always be the fool that is burning and dying quickly because Im trying to play the game the “right way”?
    See you all in my newly researched Conqueror, my turn to farm 250k damage games without even trying.

  10. As I am watching this vid, the image of Ralph Wiggum appears in my head: “I’m helping”

  11. I love this video. I thought that I was the only one doing 22k damage with GK in many matches now I feel better hahaha

  12. So, I’m not the only one with 22k damage games. Makes me feel a bit better. Thank you.

    • Yeah unfortunately that’s just the life of a Kurfurst player. Yesterday I had a 4k damage game. Got one salvo off and spend the rest of the game sailing in circles while being dropped by a CV and torped by an unchecked DD that rolled up into our spawn uncontested. Very next game I had an epic brawl and 187k damage done with 4 kills and 2 devstrikes.

  13. I love the German BB line, yes even the F.D Gross. Love brawling, more often than not you end up being a floating bonfire!

  14. For me it’s fun 25% of the time, broken turrets 70% of the time, engaging and fun CV 5% of the time

  15. I have been using the same Build on my Kurnfurst with Gunther Lutjens for my commander with the smaller guns. I just changed to bigger guns a few days ago and in COOP they work good but in Randoms the faster reload time and distance more helpfull. ??? Maybe…??? Even with the smaller guns because of the dispersion, Im not to sure its much of an advantage. Having to give a broadside to fire all guns is just a fast way to be sunk or take big damage. With the HE spam in the game its a hard ship to play as it lights up easy.

  16. This is almost every game in the new German BB line. It’s either we ROFL stomp and I can’t get secondaries going or it’s long range slap fights where I die from boredom

  17. Well, 2,7mil potential dmg in the first game is something to appreciate 🙂

  18. one of the main reasons I think I like Ohio is you can do the long range thing if you can’t brawl, GK can do this too but it’s not as good, still great fun to brawl 🙂

  19. my fav way to play wows is to play cv, play subs or sit in the back and do nithing, so I help my team the most :D:D

  20. GK just isn’t a very good ship, I’m afraid… :/

    But the 406’s do have slightly better DPM both with AP and HE. They also have better penetration close in, but lose out at long range. In terms of overmatch, they’re the same. So… on balance, I would say the 406’s are better.

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