My Flank, My Mecklenburg – World of Warships

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  1. I like the little intro with the ship stats 👌

  2. Thx for the upload. Your videos always bring joy to my mornings.

  3. Editing felt great this time round, the kill kam’s didn’t feel intrusive like before, nice work👍

  4. AHH Helll! That last shot cracked me up so good!!! I nearly fell off my chair when this huge “Fuuuuuuuk!” appeared on the screen! Nice job Flambass. Even when you missed the shot, the video was entertaining as hell! Like the new way your videos is being edited. Keep it up….. . .

  5. 1:12 Didn’t know the A10 warthog had been added to the game!?

  6. Much better than the last time, overall great job. Keep it coming bro

  7. Really love this style of editing, keep it up! 👍

  8. Nice game, good editing. Keep it up.

  9. Flam yelling just the tip over and over is fantastic at the end

  10. Casual 75k in first 4 minutes, not too shabby! Glad you remembered cool kids don’t look at kills – you’re cool again!! 😛 GG
    (Edit: Kill cam insert still a nice touch, I think)

  11. Big fan of the non-intusive killcam that doesn’t spoil whether he gets the kill or not before the shells hit compared to the other video with killcams, and the intro info cinematic is also great!

  12. That scream at the end made me laugh so hard. I agree you had that one kill stolen from you, but that scream at the end made my day.

  13. really loved the editing, good job man

  14. Frustrating seeing Flambass and others having good results with AP. My experience is that, regardless of ship, AP shells have more dispersion, ricochet, shatter, etc. far too often to be effective, even when fired into a full broadside facing ship. And AP citadels are basically unheard of. Ugh!

  15. This reminds me of a world of tanks match I had yesterday, one kill always from a pools medal. But the last guy left alive was in a face hugging position with this mauschen and just got shoved off a bridge and died, was literally like a quarter of a second too late

  16. There’s lots to like about the editing in these videos. Good job, keep it up

  17. Yo that intro shared some VERY helpful info. Please keep this quick breakdown going forward Flambass

  18. Kill greedy salty, goofy boy is always so much fun to watch! XD

    Love you Flmabino

  19. The commentary was my favorite part of this game.

  20. I miss the old Flambass!!!
    That guy actually gave a damn about the game insted of having hes attention every where else!!!

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