MY Girlfriend PLAYS WORLD OF WARSHIPS (WOWS Funny Moments)

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  1. Phly, we know you love testing our prototypes, so today we got for you the
    T28 case tankdestroyer and the F8F-1B with two Tiny Tims, good luck soldier!

  2. we want war thunder with your girlfriend

  3. No views, 3 likes 16 comments. Good job YouTube!

  4. you are lucky that u have gf….like if u are single ??

  5. No offence phly, but you’re very lucky to have a girl like that (she sessy

  6. “you know we only see 3/4 of the ice berg”

  7. Hah fag! You have a girlfriend? Get with the times! You need to be a
    nonbinary gender queer yadayadayda thing soup.

  8. plz phly we all want the return of the top 5 epic plays

  9. why beep when she swears but not when you swear phly?

  10. 5:14 that’s not the first time she said that xD

  11. haha, that music at the end! :D

  12. she need a own gaming channel.

  13. Gareth Fairclough

    Heh, “A nice little horn to your face”. Giggity :P

  14. I didn’t even know YouTubers had girlfriends

  15. Attempt#7 take the most biased combo the tu 4 and the zsu 57

  16. Wait, is he saying Lola. I thought he was saying Laura up until this video,
    and I’ve been here for a while now…

  17. Rockerboi Production

    I don’t care how much of a man you are that intro has to bring a year to
    your eye

  18. U both die together at the start Phly & yo Girlfriend R.I.P. :-P

  19. She’s using the Black Swan because it’s the best Tier 1 in the game

  20. This was a great video and very funny

  21. omg lola and phly this was so hilarious. i was holding my gut from laughing so hard. I was just like that when i started to lola.. The first time trying to stir was crazy i feel ya girl. but now its all good. Hey sure would like a update video of ya all progress!!

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