My Highest Base XP Ever! (World of Warships Legends Xbox One X)

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  1. This ought to be interesting

  2. He’s playing the torpitz so there gotta be some inner Salt in this one! Haha

  3. In a German battleship? Hmmm…

  4. Judging by the preview, it looks like my sister is the star of this live stream

  5. Is this a German scheisse video? Lol

  6. Cograts Spartan on the highest base xp you’ve ever had!

  7. Checked my screenshots, 5173 base xp in my Le Terrible is the best I know of. Did 156k dmg, 11 torp hits, 4 kills, 5 cap defense, 3 solo caps, 1 assisted cap, Confederate, First Blood, High Caliber and a Dev Strike.

    • are you sure that it was the Base xp? the one it shows on the scoreboard before modifiers? if so you should post it on reddit. i dont yhink ive seen a 5k base xp before

    • @Brayden Maine 5173 Base. 7k and change with booster flag (I’ve gotten over 10k with the Epic booster but base wasn’t quite that high). You Xbox or PS? I’ll caveat that, it’s Le Terrible, Premium and may have been with the Premium boost before they removed that in the base score with a patch. I’d have to check dates.

    • @Brent Bartley if it was the score on the leaderboard with everyones xp, thats basexp, if its the one they show on the game end screen, that is after premium

      im on xbox

    • @Brayden Maine Oh I know it’s the base. My gamertag is cggunnersmate Msg me on XBL and I can reply with the screenshot.

    • @Brent Bartley sent

  8. Very cool. Rough to watch. But every so often these would be great to watch. Just a thought….how about taking your bad games and going over and pointing out your mistakes and what you should have done? Every so often. Would be kinda neat to watch.

  9. Very well done. That was a butt clencher at the end for sure.

  10. War gaming should add a different camera angle. Just like the pc version I prefer that, you can enemies over island where your taking cover

  11. Samuel Mitchell aka SaturnSam775

    “Checkmate” -Tirpitz, Azur Lane
    (She says this when she launches her torpedoes)

  12. This was before they took the prem boost off base xp. How much did it hurt that it was in turdpitz lmao soz not soz 🤗👊

  13. In the torpitz of all things!!! I hope your Iowa wasn’t watching.

  14. dgeneratio1 [Dialga88]

    Think i remember this game but only at the ending. Hard to remember nearly a Year later so “almost” like a new match. You should do the Atlanta game.

  15. I got 3 months if premium out of a secret santa 21 m crate😁

  16. I miss the Spartan streams. Just not the same with Hive.

  17. this is an instant where people use “oof” more often

  18. And to think this was back when Tirpitz had super dookie armor.

  19. That was the LONGEST entering battle loading I have ever seen

  20. So….best game ever is in a German Battleship that he generally doesn’t care for. Fate is a funny thing.

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