My Kaga can HEAL – World of Warships

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Insane match with Kaga that heals and it actually makes all the difference in the match.

Pretty crazy eh. Enjoy and and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Not clickbait. Kaga does heal unless if it’s Isorouku Yamamoto is on board!

  2. Looks like you were super close to the “this ship shouldn’t be able to get this” dreadnought achievement.

  3. you should try to div 1cv 2 bbv and watch someone get 3 air strike at the same time

  4. That heal was hilarious! Few k hp and suddenly the heal comes up and shows something like 75% recovery! 🤣🤣

  5. Man that CV game was actually exciting to watch! GG flambass

  6. Good idea from Failgaming to allow healing on CVs who are famous for being brawlers and always under crossfire. =3

  7. Besides dying a little inside every time i compliment a CV player,
    or in this case giving a “thumps up”
    this was pretty spectacular to watch.
    Don`t do that again please. Damned CV`s.

  8. watching you playing CV, i just constantly feel bad for your targets… since they have SO many tools to evade and avoid you!

  9. The enemy Edinbough had a _really_strong game. Over 2100 XP on a loss. Not bad. Not bad at all.

    • You get 1.5x XP as bottom tier, but still pretty good, probably a 3k XP if they had won

    • @sdluke Except they are Top Tier on that game

    • Still insane amount of base, it can be hard to get 2k on a win, but on a loose….it takes a really good game…my record on a loose is 2800 but that was me in kagero in a t10 getting ignored until the end…my team lost big times, but I had 4 Dev strikes a kraken and high calibre

  10. Heads up Flambass, YT is muting your vid whenever the game’s soundtrack can be heard over the commentary/in game SFX. Might want to get rid of the music.

  11. I am in awe of what I just saw you do. I am not sure if you ever look back at these, but I just got the Kaga in a crate and I also have Yamamoto although I would have to spend commander elite points to increase to 21 points. If you could share your captain and ship build I would be eternally gratefull!!!

  12. “I’m sorry, I can’t hear you over the sound of ruining other people’s games at the moment.” bruh… that brutal honesty. lol

  13. another strange thing I withessed:
    In a co-op battle, a Mahan vs Mahan ramming occured. The bot srvived with 15-20% Health !
    So, can bots mount flags ?!?

    • It seems random what they have, if you look at them closely, some have different camoes and signals and ocassionly some none. I think it is randomized some how.

  14. My favorite move when torping DDs is to literally drop them right on top in the direction of travel, so that they activate and box the player in.

  15. I heavent seen Kaga gameplay im a long while. I’ll enjoy this

  16. WeeGee should introduce air drops to CVs so they can drop buffs and heals etc for teammates.

  17. 11:50 since this point on, RNGsus took a break. He couldn’t land a single torp, bomb or rocket on small ships lol.

  18. Today carrier players gasped out in shock as they’ve never seen one of their own shrug off so much damage without running for the border. A new meta is born and a rework to implement this mechanic on all carriers is in the works

  19. That moment at 13:50.. that’s pretty much sums up my gameplay with Kaga.. aim covers 80% of the target, yet, the bombs are homing on that 20% lol

  20. Flambass: KAGA CAN HEAL!?
    Weegee: Write that down! *WRITE THAT DOWN!*

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