MY KATANA OF CHOICE ~ Zao | World of Warships

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-Wadaiko Matsuriza R; Kabuki Gomen-Jyo
-雪の進軍 – Yuki no Shingun (Girls und Panzer version)
-Kana Hanazawa: Renai Circulation

I’m not monetizing so I should be okay using these…
I think.

And that should be it. Sorry for that! Hope you still enjoyed it.


  1. The Budgie Admiral

    360p gang where you at?

  2. Impressive work, my feathery kouhai.

  3. New tier 10 to grind now. Great vid, Budgie!

  4. Ah my left ear

    • XD
      I watched it for 5 min, online with my legt earplug in and thought “Nice Music and Frags, but where is the how to?”

  5. good vid like this 🙂

  6. Denarmo sent me :3, good vid and i’ve subbed

  7. Subscriber #75, let’s see how far this channel will go!

  8. Denarmo sent me and I’m glad he did. Subbed.

  9. Anubhav Home Account

    this sounds strangely like Yuro’s How to Clemson vid and others…

    • The Budgie Admiral

      That’s funny, maybe because I watched them and looked at how he compiled scenes together. I also was on the hunt for some marches but wasn’t sure what’s legal in my country and what isn’t, so I decided to check the GuP score, which is where his Clemson video got the music from. So you aren’t imagining things, there may be a similar vibe.

    • Anubhav Home Account

      ​@The Budgie Admiral I’ve got nothing against that; in fact I really enjoyed the video – just don’t copy him

  10. Mathieu Verschelden

    Denarmo sent me. I’m the 100th sub. Wew!

  11. Quality content buddy, good job. You deserve more subs

  12. Nice Content. One Wish for future videos: L+R Audio Channels :>

  13. Markus Zuckburgers

    Denarmo has summoned me and i am thankfull

  14. love that ending. In the minutes before it is stated:”dont expose your side”….and he gets blapped by showing side at the end. Btw I do agree that zao is a great ship but so is mogami. Ibuki has gotten much love by buffs lately. They teach us to value stealth and turning well. Playing the long game, which results in an expert zao player.

  15. Please do more of these. I love these.

  16. The Budgie Admiral


    The video is up for just about four hours and you guys have already watched it more than 550 times.
    Why such a specific number as 550?
    Well, compiling all the views on my other videos (as of the time I’m writing this), I get exactly 550 views on ALL my other videos COMBINED, which have been around since months in some cases and have had ample time to collect views.

    Also got my first few downvotes!

    That’s all a huge milestone and honestly a bit intimidating. I’m baffled! I am happy about every positive comment I receive. I’m sorry for those of you who think I’m copying too much from other content creators, or that I should use my real voice, I’m sorry if I have to disappoint you, but I don’t plan to use my IRL voice in these videos. I would like to (more or less) stick with the formats I am doing right now. Good news though for those of you who enjoy my content already. I hope I can expand and improve, firstly, my editing, and later on also my formats, maybe branch into some other games.

    Thanks all for the amazing support! I hadn’t dreamed of this much attention on one of my videos, I’m honestly speechless. Wow.

    • I’m glad denarmo sent me here it’s a great channel should’ve had more subscribers to begin with but I must ask why non premium consumables?

  17. Denarmo sent me here. I saw gold. Keep up with the good job!

  18. Yuro mostly does prem ships so perhaps you can be the tech tree version of him, cause this vid is on parr with his quality

  19. I just had my right headphone in so I thought it was just a bunch of Zao clips over a march lol. Nice vid! You’ll get two views out of me because now I have to watch it again for the robot voice commentary

  20. When that mino died… I felt that, and that Gearing at the start… OOF. Good vid tho

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