My New Favorite Brawler Build – Hannover

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I’m PQ. Hopefully, on this channel, I can teach you a bit about how I play the game. Thanks for watching.

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  1. I was just about the ask about that cat you are torturing in the room next door before you mentioned that commander…

  2. excuse me unsinkable sam is S-tier you apologize to the cat right now

  3. Curious about this type of build with the shlief

  4. I run Preussen in a very similar build. Accuracy/tank build with points left over for secondaries.

  5. Yah aiming mod in slot 3 is pretty much optimal on Preussen and Hannover. The main guns are just too good to pass up those wallops, and the low barrel count means you can’t really rely on shell volume to make up for the secondaries mod.

    I still tend to grab the +range CO skill, though. The bigger the radius, the easier it is to maintain the dispersion bonus from Manual Secondaries if your main target goes undetected. Also useful if you’re using CQB skill to improve main battery reload rate while ships are in your secondaries range.

  6. I did this build on PTS and hannover guns are really underrated. People got slapped by overmatch plus insane pen value

  7. Only tier x battleship thats worth dumping full skills/equipment for secondaries in is Schlieffen imo. Other german bb’s work really well with a general tank build as seen above

  8. Cat commander is OP, do not change

    • Christopher Smith

      agreed the cool or unique commanders are fun to hear the cat and azur lane captains are nice my favorite so far is Johan {the guy with a sleeveless shirt can get in the armory i probably spelled his name Rong sry bout that

    • Agreed

  9. That hybrid secondary build works for me too, especially in randoms where they’re inconsistently used. Being effective at mid range gives a lot of cushion, & you can punish while closing in, or have the space to change your mind if the brawl attempt suddenly becomes unappetizing.

  10. I agree those secondaries fire so much that they cause 16k from fires most of the time and if you are in smoke yoloing oof all those sec hits and fires hurt

  11. Cat commander is based, feel free to use it more

  12. The cat commander stays on during seggs >:D

  13. Hard to remember all the armament types given the speed they spit imaginary ships out

  14. Ah, yes. *Unsinkable Sam,* being relegated to the ‘cat commander’. Not sure how I feel about that.

  15. Considering how insane the secondaries on Hannover are, I am wondering what the super ship version of Schlieffen is gonna look like

  16. Hey pq just a tip, there is a mod that allows you to see the number of torp rack on a ship and their range by holding alt on the keyboard. You may want to take that bc its very easy and quick to use.

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