MY SHIP IS ON FIRE!! (World of Warships Gameplay as Atago)

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Admiral Atagolodia, reporting for duty!! World of Warships! Let’s Play with Captain 3ger and Captain John Lemon!

Download game here:

to get:

• 3X PREMIUM SHIPS: Dreadnought, Tachibana Lima, Aurora

• 7 days of WoWS Premium account (double XP and credits)

• 500 gold and 1M silver credits

#WoWs #WorldOfWarships #Wargaming


  1. Rhenezel Besmonte

    Who loves ate Alodia?

    1 like
    HUG TO HUG <3

  2. Mhel Andrey Melendres

    I allready watch this on the stream just a few days ago . Hahaha 🤣🤣

  3. Good game Admiral Atagolodia 😁❤️

  4. Robert Roan Andrew Magan

    wow, Nice you to
    play World of warships.

  5. So cool to watch you play a new game, reactions are so natural really enjoying and having fun ka talaga👍😘

  6. matagal na po yang game na yan haha. nauna ang world of tanks then hang warship tpos ung sumunod warplane. fan here

  7. Jhonniebear Montero

    World of tanks next 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  8. I thought the ears was part of the headset😅at the beginning of the vid who here thought so too

  9. bilang long time player ng world of warships, nakatawa talaga si alodia mag laro ng high tier games, good choice sa kanyang kasama hanggang coop lang

  10. list of youtubers who are sponsored by WoWS (That i know)
    2. Gloco and ChrisFrags
    3. Alodia Gosiengfiao

    You’re damn right Brother.

  11. Nobblk Praetorian

    Play Azur Lane next please! And more Azur lane cosplays!

  12. Hahaha kulit ng reactions mo jan senpao
    Senpai + Siopao = Senpao

  13. so alodia is now playing a thinking mans game
    looking forward to see if ur ever going to stream more of WOW

  14. yay so happy to see you play my game… maybe someday you can play with my clan on NA server… not sure if that’s even possible.. enjoy and keep having fun… eat bacon, it’ll give you super powers 😁…

  15. Steven Lee Adlawan

    Imagine You can get heart from Ate ALODIA ♥

  16. Alfonso Viñegas

    Looks like you’re in the wrong franchise, Alodia.
    Hahahaha!!! 🤣

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    Phone Entry”
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    A’im philippines bagong silang caloocan city Phs.8a Pkg.11 Blk.132 Lot.34

  18. これは霧の艦隊のタカオでは?

  19. Ichiro's Gameplays

    Is the code can be redeem in mobile world of warship?

  20. I recomend lodi High tier crusiers are best mrs gaming queen it have spy plane and 3 to 4 type of combo lodie

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