My Thoughts On The New German Battleships And Subs In Randoms

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A lot of new content to talk about!

I’m PQ. Hopefully, on this channel, I can teach you a bit about how I play the game. Thanks for watching.

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  1. A friend who’s a Super Tester once showed me the scores he got on seconday build
    He said “This thing can brawl and output obscene ammounts of damage despite having guns in the hull.It’s like Graf Zep firepower without the accuracy”
    not long after he showed me the power or Nakimov and..just how much slapping power it has

  2. Try “Proissen” with an hard “s” instead of a “sh” as a pronounciation for the new T10.

  3. to add on to Rapplers comment the funny looking b in the FDG stands for a double “S” Friedrich der Grosse , a double S is pronounced a little sharper than a single S 😉

  4. Well WG did not mention anything at all about submarine in their earlier “apology” so it is pretty obvious that they have always decided to go forward with submarine most likely because they have made too much investment. Which is a real shame because had WG cancelled the entire submarine project and dedicated the manpower to other endeavors the game most certainly would be in a better status right now.

  5. These German BCs are pretty good
    Low number of reliable guns, amazing secondary power, good torp power with insane alpha in brawls, good concealment and speed, but low HP, no Turtleback but spaced armor with decent armor scheme with American/German heavy cruiser bow and stern plating, and fair amount less superstructure than the BBs, so they can tank for a bit when closing in or getting out with speed and conceal. Fast dmg con, German hydro from T6, 360 rear turret, and lower number of heals than avg BB

    The German BBs has good firepower and high sustainability to survive at close range, German BCs don’t have that sustainability but more firepower potential to compensate, and concealment and speed to get out. If played wrong you just die, if played right, you can be so dangerous. Best addition of 2021

  6. Would be great if PQ could actually link the site he used instead of just mentioning some “new website” without even giving the name making it next to impossible to find.

  7. I think the best place for CV and Subs is in a novelty game mode. One that pushes more full fleet “realism” and then they cam leave surface ships by themselves in a more tactics concentrated mode.

  8. I’m surprised the Pommern didn’t make that secondaries list.

  9. The PirateMongoose

    You’re only bottom tier 60% of the time? I actually kept track before I finally quit; the most consistent pattern I saw was 4 games as bottom tier, 1 game at mid, 4 more games at bottom, and then finally 1 at top before the pattern repeated.

  10. I have heard that secondary damage will get less xp than main gun damage. I believe it’s half. Give decent secondaries and want to discourage people from building for it.

  11. Super Carrier concept:
    They are futuristic space carriers that can fly at 30 knots and launch space fighters that shoot nuclear warheads

  12. hi im' ,are autism

    Just call the GK replacement Prussia, since that is what the name is

  13. I’m grinding tech t8s at this point so the uptiering is particularly painful especially on those first games unimproved.

  14. Subs in random, is a month pause from wows for me. If they go through with it, then it’s over for me.

  15. Wg are not listening – the wrecked ranked with subs , Cb with 2 cvs and new patch worst ever – no convoy no operations and early release worst ever with more loitboxs than ever

  16. When you don’t really do any genuine game development, the only thing left to you is gimmicks and more and more outrageous ships.
    WoWS is following WoT more or less, just as many of us who started in WoT (in my case, Beta testing in 2010) concluded it would.
    Subs are crap, but then so are CVs. WG is a master of the sunk cost fallacy, plus culturally is incapable of admitting any sort of fault. Those two things ensure they will NEVER truly engage with customers on a respectful, honest fashion. It’ll be “Spin, spin, spin while we do what we’ve always planned regardless of how many players make clear they don’t want whatever that plan is”. It was the same in WoT. It’s in their DNA.

  17. SUBS like CARRIERS are probably gonna need work WG will never put in.

    I for one wish the Torps where 10 to 20 knots slower then they currently are cus they can cover 10kms in like 5 seconds for 3 times the damage of European torpedo. And after X amount of consecutive pings you should just GET spotted for pinging too dame much (Sonar is FUCKING LOUD, even the most DEAF sonar man is gonna hear that shit) over a short period of time. And maybe add a voice line that goes “torpedo in the water!” when the subs ACTULLY FIRE their torpedos after pinging.

    Cus as i understand it right now, a sub can just go Ping…… and sure their detection range blooms out but only to what 2km? SUBS should be about STEATH and AMBUSH tactics, but no WG doesn’t want detection to be a detriment to sub gameplay.

  18. I wish WG would open a “classic” server. The first couple years of WoWS was awesome but since the CV rework it has been nothing but poor decisions and money grabs.

    • That would make their mistakes so crushingly obvious, so it’s not going to happen. What we need is a competitive game that does what you say; WG will then vanish in seconds.

  19. I am not sure about “relief” for T8, I almost fear of adding “superships” similar to “legendary ships” in legends to normal game, so you will fight superhespams and such things in your T8 ships in the end 😉

  20. Had a CV and double sub game in my Kremlin. Just spent the entire match getting burned down and trying running away. Had long periods where I never shot the main guns… too focused on trying not to die. Yay! Soooo fun.

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