Myoko – “I Got This!” – World of Warships

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Desertfox51 shows off a fantastic game in the Myoko, tier 7 Japanese cruiser from World of Warships.


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  1. Gotta LOVE those IJN 203mm cannons! Awesome velocity, with top of the line
    HE rounds and VERY potent AP!

    I know I will love the Myoko, as I love my Aoba and Atago! NTM I had her,
    in CBT…

  2. Caps are worth a LOT! I almost always go for cap early in my sneaky DDs and

  3. Can’t wait til I get my Myoko!

    Hey Jedi! I JUST figured something out!

    Your voice, it always sounded familiar to me, you remind me a LOT of the
    man who narrates the YouTube Channel called “Thoughty2”!

  4. I just got my mojo too!!

  5. Can you review the AMX ac 48?

  6. you are daltonist?

  7. nice vid! i am subbing :P

  8. Great vid of a great match! Thanks dude!

  9. in the pz 2 j vid sayed that you would buy premium tanks can you mabye buy
    the buffed t34-3 and give your opion

  10. in the pz 2 j vid sayed that you would buy premium tanks can you mabye buy
    the buffed t34-3 and give your opion

  11. Darn if i see Desertfox51 I RUNNN haha that guy is good with his ship

  12. I really like the Myoko. In the right match-up, it can be deadly. As our
    hero showed, though, it has no armor, so you’ve got to be careful about
    those BBs.

  13. Actually… i think the ending, the desperate shot, was a mistake by the
    Myoko driver… and I thought that as I watched… hard turn and full speed
    at a 90 degree angle would have worked well…

  14. I just unlocked my Myoko though I don’t yet have the credits to purchase it
    but nice to see a quick tutorial on how to dominate with it.

  15. It is a beast of a ship because when they switched from tier 8 to tier 7,
    they never changed the 8 inch gun range. It gets tier 8 16.1km range while
    the mogi still has its tier 7 8inch gun range of 15km… Because why
    because Russia!! Sloppy….

  16. Also a happy new year and wishing you all the best(includes gaming 😉 )

  17. Is it just me or is it practically impossible to cit-pen Konigsbergens from
    the side?

  18. Second! great game, even in the chat!

  19. I hate my furutaka

  20. first!

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