NA Server Record – Lion 318k || World of Warships

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  1. skeletaur skull night

    I can say first ? ?

  2. The Brits and the french are the best lines

  3. The discord notification noise at 4:44 made me pause the video to check my own discord apps lol

  4. First comment?
    Anyway, for this captain not really abuse the HE, the achievement to do a very respectable damage in my opinion, and I would like to emphasize that instead of abusing rampant HE, in its place it seems that this Lion tried to alternate AP cascades with HE shells, depending on what I was targeting, as I would.
    In addition, this captain seemed to be another that is above the promerdio, since he used the Repair Party at the right time instead of using it blindly and without thinking.
    Respectable captain and a definitely great game.
    Postscript: At least the enemies in this game did not seem to be BOT’S or NOOB’s for once …

    • he got relatively lucky in this game where not many people decided to shoot him despite his pushed up position the whole game.

    • Jack Munro-Cox U should know that he decided to push only when there were few enemies on his way or when they were busy with other ships in his team . He has brain and he used it :))

  5. Surprised such a good player still tried shooting AP at the Bow of a Musachi knowing full well that it would bounce…

    • here comes an important piece of info: he is not that good of a player

    • Nope
      he is good player
      He aimed for Yamato sister’s hexagon shaped citadel..
      I thought That musashi player is tarded enough to use HE and show 45 degree angle

      Lion player knew this so he tried AP..
      However, We didn’t expect for Musashi to completely bow on and shoot AP…

  6. Very very very poor use of his heals. Ended the game with two in the bank. Had he used his first earlier, he would have been off cool down when he was fighting two BBs at once. Camped and lost…

    • Gary Crispin
      Those heals take a good while to reload.. he seemed to only use them when he had to and when the healing was near or at its max of what it could heal.
      I think he did fine with the heals.

  7. Kratos Snk Espanglish

    darjeling power xd

  8. Good game ? just need fast move

  9. why is he not healing?

  10. Has anyone noticed in the last few videos there were Yamatos and Musashis fireing HE? Why on earth would you fire HE when your 480mm guns over match or penetrate any armor in game!?

    • Lee Cupp 460mm*, but i agree. People that fire HE in Yamato and Musashi should not be allowed to play the game.

    • and by the way, 460mm does not overmatch and pen ANY armor in the game. It just overmatches the most common armor threshold, which is 32mm.

    • should not be allowed to play the game? then why did they put the HE on yamato in the first place? im pretty sure that if you use conqueror you only shoot HE, that HE shot is better than AP considering he cant citadel hit the lion on that angle because the ap will overpen. get your facts straight, its not because you use yamato you only shoot AP, same as the conqueror you don’t shoot HE all the time.

  11. Decided to go down the UK Battleship line… looking forward to HMS Lion.

  12. I watched a beautiful battle

  13. Ну шо я могу сказать – бесполезный дамаг. Два аутиста фугасных – хабаровск и лион. собственно не секрет что хаба – бесполезный эсминец. дамага много – толку мало. бриты тоже бесполезные лк – по той же причине.

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