NA Smolensk Damage record || World of Warships

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  1. 340k and no witherer- “Its raw!”

  2. Gayer than Atlanta, yes!! again

  3. If that GK was paying attention, this round would have been a dev struck by him.

  4. Course they let these things run wild but don’t give ships like Siegfried the buffs they deserve

  5. Someone Somewhere

    This ship is stupid! Its ruining the T10 games, it was okay with a Wooster, Haguromo or Des Moins. But now u just cant play battelships anymore. Remove kutosov cause HE and smoke is to op. WG: Hold my vodka comrade.

  6. After first blood he GAINED one of each consumable – how did that happen???

    • Spineking Jørgensen

      He had the special Kuznetzov captain that gives an extra consumeable. This is balanced and intended to be used on Kremlin since she only has damage cons and heals, but on ships like this with many consumeables its very powerful.

  7. Russian bias at its finest exhibit B

  8. BaLaNcEd Kappa

  9. That AP melts

  10. GK would have killed Smolensk if it knows that

  11. Panzerknacker in a truly op ship…. This game was over before it began. I am 32 seconds in.

  12. This was just all the BBs not paying attention to this thing. He was lucky and that is all, so no not OP. I’ve had zero issues playing against it. Just like any HE spamming ship if it gets a position where it can rain shells and the counters aren’t there to stop it you’re not going to have a good time. Most of you just like to whine because it’s the cool thing to do

    • @Capt Turnip No, for me cool thing is to play with a good game.
      Don’t even compare DM, Mino, or Belfast to this shit. This is just Kutuzov 2.0
      Suppose you defend this cancer because you bought it and afraid that will be nerfed and you will stop dominate the battle with dmg, xp, money earned etc. with no skill required. Just find a good spot, hide and start dakadaka melting everything around with HE alpha dmg and fires.

    • @tompo1975 so it does with the woost then since you didnt include that ship. It really is just like dealing with any of those ships for anyone with half a brain who plays this game.

      There are so many HE using ships out there to include BBs and thus single ship somehow is able to ruin any “good game” you can have and keep going on about.

      They haven’t nerfed any of the steel/coal ships so have fun waiting for it to happen. Even if they do I don’t give a crap since I’d get the coal back.

    • @Capt Turnip
      Is about overall. This ship has crazy HE alpha dmg, crazy fire chance, smoke, radar, crazy reload, strong AA, can tank on bow, and has crazy firing angles, and very good shells velocity.
      There is no other ship which has it all at once because it makes her OP as hell as this ship is.
      As I thought, the only person who can defend this ships are the owners, rest (99% of players) are pissed off becauseof this Russian bias. Try to tank with Woost xD As I said, don’t even try to compare this ship to others just because you have it and afraid about the nerf.

    • @tompo1975 it doesn’t have radar, only can do HE damage if it runs IFHE which is getting nerfed at some point. It can only “bow tank” up to 203 so yes don’t 1v1 unless you’re a super heavy cruiser. All anyone needs to do is pay attention to where it is and act accordingly just like people had to learn with the Worcester and Harugumo.

    • @Capt Turnip That’s the problem “play accordingly” – it means 20 km away from this ship, especially as a BB or DD. Stay away as a Cruiser and stay away as a CV.
      Only if captain screws something and will be spotted broadsided then you can punish it. But mostly it’s not going to happen because ppl buying this ship mostly know how to play DM, Mino, Worcester, and other similar ships. Is just too much for one ship, tank, spam HE, burn, smoke, hydro, AA. Imagine Moskva with 5s reload and smoke or Mino with HE and 20% burn chance then you will have it. One ship should not have all, it’s making it OP.

  13. U Boats are gonna be sooo much fun lmao…

  14. lemme guess, kutuzov replacement?

  15. Денис Канов

    *happy stalin noises*

  16. Sink or be sunk xd

  17. WOWS always make their new ships OP. That way people want them! Even if it’s only for a short while until they get buffed. It’s marketing….

  18. I don’t get the build on this one, he have ditch IFHE on his build?

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