Nakhimov First Match – World of Warships

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Russian tier 10 aircraft carrier.


I don’t need to tell you anything else, that description should be enough xD

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. i had 370k in my nakhimov yesterday, this thing is broken

  2. Skip bombers and rocket planes are the main weapons of this thing. Fire starting is a large reason why it is so broken, and you can just creep up to an island where no one can hit you and just strike every 30 seconds, while never loosing planes.

    • Skipbombers are nice, but the torps are the really busted thing lol

    • @Hisoka yep, remember he did the 20k torp strike without takeing the cap skill that lets your torp do 10% extra dmg, but i would have to disagree on the “main dmg”, BOTH the torps AND skip bommers are this thing main dmg dealers, due to rocket boost you have enf time to use both, alternate them (1 run skip bom, next 1 torp, next 1 skip bom and repeat) and you will never run out of planes even if you are faceing some heavy aa ships

  3. I predict to see 100% more nakis tomorrow in randoms because of this video

  4. yeah that cv is getting a super ship version of it 🙂 can’t wait just what the game needs

  5. Yeah the rockets are straight up broken against a lot of BBs and cruisers often hitting for more than a BB salvo can reasonably expect (when dispersion and distance are accounted for).

    But the thing I hate about these CVs and I have got a nakhimov from grinding the line is they are bad even by standards and promote poor play, they actually reward you for doing things that a regular CV would be punished for.

    Plus they suck balls in ranked where they take broken to a new level.

  6. Nakhimov given tons of torps to make the FDR’s torp planes not seem so broken.

  7. What a fun, engaging, and well-balanced ship. I’m sure the opposing team had a great time. Now excuse me, I have the sudden urge to shower…

    • What do you expect from a company that exists to launder Russian money.

    • Arizona Anime-Fan

      I was focused by a nakhimov in a desi, in less then 5 minutes i had an AA expert badge, eventually i located the f-er, with him sending wave after wave of full planes after me (remember, i was shooting them down at an alarming rate), i sunk him in 2 full broadsides of desi ap. that was so satisfying, ended up shooting down over 70 planes, never saw a freaking flight of them not full the whole match.

    • @Arizona Anime-Fan Awesome. Payback’s a b***h!!!

  8. this thing just disgusts me everytime i see it, and because how strong it is, all you see on T10 is this fking CV…
    Ebery bomb a fire, every rocket strike 15 to 20k dmg, torpedos not dodgeable because of how the planes are so maneuverable and still have the best dispersion, never being deplaned and if you are close to the target you can just drop them every 30 seconds with a full squad… Just everything about this thing is op and i dont know how it was approved to be in the same game as other ships…

  9. 8:38 “So far the only thing that didn’t seem op are rockets”
    Me, taking a full salvo of rockets from a Nakhimov and losing 15k hp: “F*ck you”.

  10. these skip bombs are very realistic lol
    they can some how bounce 4 kilometers in 6 seconds = 2400km/h wich is twice as fast as the terminal velocity of a 1000lb bomb.

  11. That reaction when Flambino got 3 perma fire… X)

  12. Been on the receiving end of Nakhimov rocket planes as an AA cruiser. Even stern in with most missing, 20k is entirely possible; totally broken, totally not fun to play against

    • calling bs on this lol, you’d have to eat ~1/3 of the drop for this to happen, looking at the video at 4:16 the mino that isn’t even fully bow on is only ~1/5 covered by the reticle, and that’s not even counting damage saturation/non-pens/torpedo protection hits

      in fact I’d happily wager $20 that you would not be able to get a 20k drop with nakhimov rockets on a fully bow on AA-cruiser (i.e. wooster, petro, nevsky, gouden leeuw), not even counting the fact you’re almost never going to get a full drop on an AA cruiser

      at 4:15 you can see the mino doesn’t activate priority sector and doesn’t have dfaa, if flambass dropped a wooster with AA in that situation he probably would’ve lost at least 3-4 planes. I’d say max possible damage on a fully bow on cruiser is probably ~10k with freaky rng, but realistically you’re trading your entire squadron for 3-4k damage.

  13. As much as I like that Flambass has started playing other games, its always fun to see him rage about how broken these newest ships are.

  14. 7 bombs @ ~54% fire chance, 32 rockets @ ~23% fire chance, its the easiness of conqueror in planes

  15. Skip bombers are the final nail in the coffin of why nobody should ever give WoWS any money. You now have planes who can do massive damage + fire while flying and attacking outside of AA range.

  16. The torpedoes that drop from the highest altitude have the most accurate spread. Absolute bullcrap

  17. Fun thing is, that as long as the enemy is not pushing close to a Nakhimov, Haku/midway has still the higher dmg potential due to consecutive drops.

  18. First video: Seeing Flambass playing JB on 2 Brothers and i thought “Well, maybe…”
    Second video: Seeing Flambass with RU CV and i went “Nevermind, screw this game its not worth it”

  19. I gave up on CVs after numerous games in the Tier VI Weser, where it was all but impossible to do any damage. This looks way easier in terms of skill needed and map awareness.

  20. Plopping the skip bombs on DDs from any angle has tilted me almost out of this game.

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