Napoli Is Crazy Powerful With New Commander Skills – Update 12.10

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0:00 – New Commander Skills
12:54 – Buffed Napoli Game

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  1. Like 11 to 7 km, the napoli secondaries deal the most damage. At 11 km, the small caliber secondaries actually do plunging fire and farm super

  2. Don’t show yourself too happy about this changes… Last time a CC/YouTuber was so happy with a secondary cruiser, the nerf hammer hit hard.

  3. A big miscommunication by WG: that “Get Discount” is really confusing in that IF YOU CLICK IT, then ALL of your commanders are reset. All of them. that’s fine, but it means you have a lot of commanders to reset during the upcoming snowflake event that you likely would not have needed to otherwise.

  4. If anyone is interested, secondary Agir now works too, it’s actually really hilarious.

    • I was testing it yesterday but couldn’t do much damage with it, you take the equipment for the secondaries too? 10.4 km range

    • Plz tell me its true @Gonzalo

    • @Gonzalo I used everything available to boost them to a range of 12 km. It’s more of a meme, but since you don’t sacrifice much, it’s imo still worth it. It could do 18k+ dmg, not counting the fires, when I was just testing it and playing like an idiot. They could deal probably 20-30k if you try which is a nice bonus, especially in the late game. It mainly helps when brawling bbs, supporting dds and such. I’d not recommend it though on Siegfried at all, she has fewer secondaries. You could arguably try a secondary Roon now, she gets the same range of 12 km and has more secondary guns. It’s important to note that you can’t play these ships like typical brawlers. Whereas Napoli is more tanky than battleships and can survive being attacked from many directions, these two can’t do that.

  5. I tried the napoli build, it was fun.

    Also tried out the super heavy AP on vermont. It wasn’t bad, but I only tried one game and rolled up against a gearing/Worcester/Austin div with a random thunderer in the back and the cv on our side… It wasn’t fun. Guns definitely benefited though.

  6. Improved Repair Party Readiness is going to be better than the 4 point for some battleships now. Any bb with a super heal, any bb with a special repair party, any bb that can bow tank, and any bb that can use mobility to avoid damage. It’s going to be a lot more versatile than a lot of people think, especially in late game when you’re guaranteed to be targeted.

    • You’ve literally explain what is wrong with this game… You’ve laid out the philosophy of BBs who camp, let their team die and only think about not taking damage.
      I’m not being mean, but from start to finish in your comment, I see a BB player I really wouldn’t want in my team.

    • @Karl Agathon I think you are fundamentally misunderstanding why I’m saying this skill is underrated, and that you are completely failing to see why this skill can be better than it’s counterpart – tanking damage is required for it to outperform repair specialist. It specifically encourages more aggressive play to activate the skill, and it makes the ship’s repair parties more accessible every time you tank potential damage equaling your ship’s total hp. It rewards bb players for doing what they should be doing and still surviving until late game. I don’t know why you’re being so pessimistic about such a positive change to a literally worthless skill before this update dropped. If a bb player wanted to camp, they wouldn’t bother with this skill. They’d just take repair specialist because it is the better option for camping.

  7. Love the new Dazzle on Paolo! In, kill, take much less damage getting out of Dodge 😁

    • Yes and any DD that goes in and out of detect. You are detected and shooting? (it procs) pass island–concealed. When you leave the island shadow it procs again. It can mess with a lot of things

  8. Love the outro cinematic, I got napoli B on the previus Black Friday, gonna have to test this build, keep it up !

  9. in the past they have given a full patch on most occasions to play with the new Cmdr. skills, plus they have included free demounting of equipment so you could make the most of the skills change. this is just one more thing WG is nerfing for the players that pay the bills and keep them in business.

  10. i would like to see Agir with this new commander skill

    • Yeah this video just makes sad Agir/Siegfriend noises

    • The problem with the German cruisers is they can’t tank at all like Napoli. Napoli is indestructible when angled correctly, and if you really screw up you have the cloaking device button. It just is so much more able to get into and out of dumb positions and live, and the SAP secondaries work so much better than HE ones, that it’s no contest at all. It is the only cruiser you can legitimately build for secondaries. You can meme with other stuff and maybe like bring a smoke buddy and try all this stuff, but nothing has the package of Napoli.

  11. Once you push the button: it does not automatically reset your commanders, and you can continue to reset them with 0 doubloons. (Or pay out Elite Commander XP if you want. . .)

  12. I really want you to try out Dazzle. I’m going to play around a little today with my French DDs jus to see how that 8% speed boost looks upon spotting. But they might not even be the best DDs to use it as they should be focusing on hitting hard. I would love advice.

    • The Italian DD’s might love it.

    • I use it on the tier six and seven Italian boats and do not use the range mod. The gun range is just beyond the detection range. Get in range smack a dd or Cruiser and with a few shots and then quickly kite out of gun range and disappear. Just about the time dazzle ends. Works very well.

  13. The new port is cool.. i like the new stuff to look at.

  14. The AA skill works in a way, at least to my knowledge, that during the time the AA is active instead of 1s per 1s active cooldowns are reduced by 1,4s or 1,5s per 1s respectively.

  15. Schröder now has 12 km secondary and 10.4 concealment

  16. I used my Arctic Tokens to buy 2 Black Friday premium containers and was lucky enough to get the Napoli in one of them. Can’t wait to use it!

  17. Furious is a good skill on Conquerer with its super heal, people overlook that too often.

  18. Crazy powerful it might be but I seen a lot get finished quick so still takes the right spots and match ups. I just got one from a container along with 3 other ships from 5 containers so go grab some guys. Wouldnt have paid 30k myself, even for smolensk which seems ever stronger than this. BTW did they release the auction results? Or the price stays a mystery?

  19. @PQ: You should definitely give a try to the Schröder, so much fun to play now as a seconday cruiser 😀

  20. I found Radio location far more useful for Napoli than concealment, since it doesnt have hydro or radar.

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