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A rare occasion you’ll see me play Napoli. Not because I think it’s bad, I just don’t fancy it. And it’s a good game.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. The secondary SAP Monster, it can hurt any ship type with it’s blistering ROF secondaries.

    Problem is she gets long smoke cooldown but rather faster. And she doesn’t have hydro so take precautions on torpedoes and it can support fellow Pasta ships.

  2. Always keep in that even players who whale, are not rich people. Usually these are normal people who are susceptible to being manipulated by the game and can’t control their urge to spend money. They burn up their savings for these things
    People who are really rich, aren’t playing pixel bote games in their spare time. It’s not luxurious enough for them.

    • Your point being?

    • @riquelmeone he made his point. Did you read his comment?

    • I played an online card collection game with some dudes and one of them was a car seller in LA and he made 6-12k $ a month and spent a minimum of 1k$ in this mobile game.

    • @Naff2 sooooo, Hearthstone? Got it.

    • @Adam First of all his comment does not provide any insight and is just a mere opinion. What is “rich” anyway? Someone with no money will consider someone with 10k on the bank rich whereas someone with 50k will consider himself poor compared to a millionaire.
      Secondly, spending money with WG and then complaining about being manipulated into spending that money is just plain stupid.
      I am afraid, I don’t see the point in that comment.

  3. Petro = Idiot proof……Oh please, you have to watch me play the thing…”Mike drop”

  4. Tier 1 to tier 10 in one day without buying anything at all.

  5. Petropavlovsk is NOT idiot proof. I know from personal experience…

  6. I love playing Napoli so much and now even more than Venezia which I previously loved. So tanky and great to brawl in.

  7. Screw the Napoli, lastnight I had a Napoli beat my Iowa’s ass in a close quarters brawl, I had 135 secondary hits on him. My guns wasnt hurting him at all. When I sank he still had half his health. It was like the damned thing was invincible.

    • Iowa isnt a close brawling ship, and the secondary’s are to low calliber to pen anyhthing that isnt a DD/CL, so not very surprising

    • @_ASTYuu_ I couldnt believe it not even my main guns was doin crap, Hell I’m terrified of that thing now, maybe even have a complex lol

    • @KingKatRider For future – Napoli has 25mm bow/stern, so they are overmatchable by 380mm+ guns, so next time just try to lob shells in her nose/stern if she’s angling. And you will have your vengeance (ofc look-out if the guy is baiting you and catching them on his side armor, at least that’s what I usually do in Kron/Napoli/any other brawl cruiser)

    • @KingKatRider, my napoli murdered a full HP GK with my secondaries only and even his secondaries and gus cant pen my armour lol.

  8. A streamer I watch who usually plays NA, started up a fresh account on EU and went from tier 1 to tier 10 in 24 hours. Mediocre player, didn’t spend any real money on it, so any flags/camos were dropped during that session for free. It is most certainly possible, even by an average player without buying perks or premium time. (it was the US DD line, btw.)

  9. Its not about you going to T-10 in a day! It’s about a noob doing it, that’s the thing! A cool stream challenge would be, get 10 noobs and set them up with avg. PC’s and see how long it takes them to get to T-10 and there WR after. Even this is not going to show if they are good enough to be in T-10 as your WR is not a sign of your true performance. Who makes up the standard on how good one must be to play a Video game in the first place?

  10. In one day you say?
    I believe it was Flamu that found a guy in his tier X game that had absolutely no idea what he was doing.
    Turned out it was his very first match.

  11. I still dont get how Venezia with its larger detection radius in and out of smoke doesn’t have plane bombers and only have standard rear ASWF.

    Yet, Napoli gets them…

  12. “But that means 6 to 10 hours of ships. This is very much doable if you can sustain playing shit that long…”

    Maybe I heard that wrong or maybe I didn’t, but it sounds right.

  13. It felt quite fun and engaging to destroy 66 Kaga planes with a total of 113 planes when brawling in my Massa and still die due to it.

  14. You forgot one thing in your 1 to 10 in a day thing. Yes you ,as in you, can do it but a new person no way. First they are new they won’t know about flags and the effects they have. You do because you have been playing for how long now? You should do it as if new, no idea what is going on in the game. With premium because thats given to people who come to play if directed. You see those adds or way back they offered a ship 3 days of premium and some gold and silver when you bought a PC part. Do it that way, see if it can be done.

  15. It’s possible just the same way wg is balanced

  16. Tier one to ten in ONE day? So you can get a Research Ship in one week? 😮

  17. I thought he was referring to jack it off

  18. I think u can’t buy the Superflags without a lot crates buying freexp is cheaper

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