Naval Combat Is Awesome! World Of Warships

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  1. Eat heck and live

  2. Welcome to the fleet level cap.

    • Welcome to my feet.

    • thanks I’ve been streaming this for a few days now and im hooked. liking destroyers a lot.

    • Hmmm… wait until you discover the nemesis that is radar. You may change your mind 🙂

    • Hemlock Philosopher

      +LevelCapGaming Just some tips for playing destroyers: if you press 3 again after switching to your torpedoes, it changes to a much more narrow spread. You can switch between the two as much as you want. I’d suggest using narrow spread except when blindfiring, in which case it’s down to your best judgement. Narrow spread allows more of your torpedoes to hit a target more often, soong as your aim is true. Also, pressing P disables AA, which is useful on destroyers. The reason for this is that a destroyer’s AA will fire at planes that haven’t detected you yet, and might not have if your AA hadn’t fired. Stealth is your most powerful tool as most destroyers, so keep that in mind.

  3. any plans to play with Phlydaily?

  4. Play more world of warships

  5. I played the beta and a bit after, beautiful game but the grind is so hard after a certain tier.

  6. Its quite sad how this game is overshadowed by World of Tanks in terms of popularity.

    • it is coming to xbox world of warships legends

    • +Legolas5974 Thank God! I love this game

    • Legolas5974

      Legends? I was expecting something like Blitz or something

    • wt and wot aren’t even in the same playstyle category… uncomparable

    • They have very different play styles, so you’re not really making any valid argument.
      WT is a sim and isn’t that well optimized for competitive play, WoT is not a sim but is far better balanced for competitive play.

      It’s much easier to navigate the menu in WoT though, the WT menu is just a pain in the ass for the most part, not very user friendly, and Gaijin has terrible customer support.

  7. This game is brought to you by no food in the fridge.

  8. this reminds me of tmartn`s fake reactions..

  9. *_Thx for liking_*

  10. Always use narrow spread torps. Wide spread sometimes better if you are torping enemy smoke or fast moving ships.

  11. Welcome to WoWs. Best and most enjoyable tier to play is 5-7.

  12. Play with flamu 😀

  13. Ill be damned if I play something made by the same company to make such cancer as World of Tanks, yeah, ask long time players of that game how they’re liking it…

    • Eh
      Its not the game that irritates me. Its the players at tiers 7-10 that play like theyve never played before

    • You get that in every multiplayer game though, it’s just always something you have to deal with unfortunately

    • And sadly they somehow make it to Rank 1 so they think they’re good players.. If it takes you 1,000 games to reach R1 you aren’t good you just got carried.

    • Unfortunately with this game youre so dependent on your teammates when you’ve got even one whos terrible you usually end up losing

    • Introvert Played WoT on and off for the past 6 years, I’m currently impressed with everything the devs have done recently with the game, so I’ve got no complaints.

  14. The grind is real in this game. Makes you want to spend money at higher tiers. That’s why I stick with war thunder, the grind isn’t as brutal for totally free gameplay. I know the naval ships aren’t out yet for free in WT but it went be long.

    • only thing war thunder does wrong is having the fire extinguishers as a tier 2 modification when they really should be giving that stock

    • +Brian O’Dwyer ya I always thought extinguisher should come with the tank. I don’t play ground forces anymore anyways, too many ways to be immobilized in a tank. Then you’re stuck like chuck and have to eat shells. In the air you can lose your engine and its still possible to get back to an airfield for repairs. That z-axis makes all the difference in the world 😁

    • Drop D i disagree, i have all tier10 tanks in wot (except the new polish one) i have most tier10 ships in wows, i played wt also but the grind was way to slow there even with premium acc etc so i stopped.

    • And if youre gonna get only one premium top tier you can grind an entire tree with it very very quickly unlike wot where u just use them for money

    • +MrDonleon65 gotta know all the ways to rack up points in WT. Also: its not widely known, but there’s a 120% research bonus for winning. If you get a bunch of losses in a row, ya its slow. But the more you play the more you learn. Takes time. Also have to know how to properly utilize your vehicles.

  15. Here a few tips of how to play this game.

    When torping dont use the wide spread way too easy for experienced players to dodge (torpedo beat around them ^^)

    Go into settings and change your crosshair to dynamic instead of the statics so its easier to aim (dynamic crosshair is set to 30knots which is the speed of most opponents and changes depending on zoomlvl unlike the static one)

    Change Minimap transperency a bit so you dont accidentaly torp friendlies comming into view from that angle (happens quite often apperently) on that note: There are no friendly torpedos … if theire in the water be warry of them.

    When the enemy is broadside on switch to AP. It will always do more DMG than HE … Oh and never EVER show broadside to an enemy Battleship or Heavy Cruiser in anything except some of the thinner DDs to force Overpens isntead of full pen dmg if youre intending not to get blown into a billion pieces by a single salvo.

    Watch every single “Flamu” Video to instantly become a SUPER CHAD UNICUM ( Goodlike Omnipowerfull beeings that can anticipate every torpedo ever dropped in any match ever to dodge them even when theire on a different server 500 years in the future or past, blind torp yourself across the map so that youre getting accused of hacking every game, get all the good RNG citadel hits and dev strikes from one map to all the enemy ships on another, melt enemies with your HE although youre actually firing AP and citadel the heaviest armor on Battleships just by looking at them)

    and most important of all …

    PREY TO THA HOLY AND ALLPOWERFULL RNGEESUS!!!!! MAY HE (and if youre playing Russians – Stalin) guide your shells and torps into the enemeis Citadels and let them detonate. RNGEESUS shall be praised!!!!!!

  16. Yep… That’s a paddlin’!!! (insert salt mine Gnome Overlord laugh here)

  17. Finally a game I could compete with Cap in 😋

  18. Why can they never do a promotion with a youtuber that gives any sort of bonus to existing users 🙁

  19. Ah the classic mistake of tunnel visioning at low tiers.

  20. Welcome to WoWS, pretty cool to see one of my favourite BF contributors getting into my favourite game.

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